In 2015 – the Modern Period of Resuscitation Begins

By | April 17, 2015

Medical scientists at MIT in the spring of 2015 will examine the clinical data collected over the past few years during the examination and treatment of more than 100 thousand patients in intensive care and medical departments.

The Modern Period of Resuscitation Begins

The Modern Period of Resuscitation Begins

Company «R & P Medical Inc. New York» officially announced the first phase of bilateral cooperation with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for a joint project in the field of health.

The company «Royal Philips» under the signed bilateral agreement provides no disclosure of individual data access to the personal affairs of 100,000 current and former patients of intensive care department and intensive care units across the United States, where the software is installed with the name of remote monitoring «PhilipselCU».

All data will be carefully checked and processed at the Laboratory of Computational Physiology at the Institute of Medical Science Technology Massachusetts. According to the representative leadership of the Institute Leo Anthony Seeley, “scientists are constantly striving to determine the full and reliable information base to identify the most general picture of the behavior of the object. The need to obtain unrestricted access to ensure the authenticity of the information seems to us unprecedented. Our experts believe that it is this information will help to push the boundaries of existing research in the areas of our department.”

For research and developments provided 10% of the data of adult patients who treated in intensive care units in the United States.

All information database contains only anonymous information that generalizes all stages of medical examination and treatment. Here we will show the most important vital signs:

  • Results of laboratory tests;
  • Presumptive diagnosis and the final conclusion of the doctor;
  • Prescribed medication;
  • List of medicines and healthcare products.

All research and development will be based on a sufficiently serious compilations accurate data derived from extensive observation of the patient. Scientists will be able regularly to share experiences and to compare these results. Senior vice president, “Health” in the field of telemedicine company «Philips» Derek Smith noted that the company’s management and all employees in general “are proud to make a contribution to the cause of research in the field of intensive care, to provide the required data on patients who are being treated for remote monitoring program «PhilipselCU» specialists Institute of Technology Massachusetts.

“We believe that this proactive approach will make it possible to significantly reduce the level of information exchange patient data between specialists from different departments and is guaranteed to provide high-quality achievements in the ongoing scientific work” – said Derek Smith.

The Russian market of intelligent information system «PhilipselCCA» fall this year after proper registration. Obtaining these data is the need for quality work intensive care units. When using the system provides the ability to centrally collect and sort all the information from the devices placed near the patient’s bed. At the same time guaranteed access to the database of any hospital system from any device. Implementation of this system is intended to facilitate the work of medical staff, to significantly reduce maintenance costs of intensive care and rehabilitation.

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