If you are depressed – What To Do?

By | April 17, 2015

On the threshold of autumn. This means that the load on our organism only grows. The days are getting shorter, and the realization that even before the next holiday a lifetime of joy does not add. And now, many began to loom on the horizon depression, what to do and how to resist?

If you are depressed - What To Do?

If you are depressed – What To Do?

Signs of impending depression

All tired from time to time, everyone can have a bad mood. But if such a state becomes a habit and no lumen and hope that tomorrow will be better, it makes sense to think about the question: “Is it not depression?” If you notice the following symptoms:

  • Good mood never happens,
  • You do not want to,
  • You think the future is simply no,
  • All the time you want to sleep or, on the contrary, it is impossible to sleep, even with great fatigue,
  • Constant headache, cold all the time, I want to wrap yourself in a blanket and do not move, then this is it – depression.

This is not a whim, as many think. Currently developing depression, how to deal with this scourge, well known doctors. But also on their own can take some steps.

The main thing is to understand that just because it does not go away and will not let go. Sit and wait for improvements it is not necessary. Sometimes it is unbearable pity myself, do not want to see anyone, even to talk, even on the phone – it is beyond your strength.

What to do first?

You can sit in your own hole and have pity on himself, but not more than one or two days. Give yourself the will to suffer and to pull myself together. Best of all, try to determine what caused such a sorry state. But as long as your mind is too weak to do such a herculean job. So just try a little peek of depressive fog.

Force yourself to eat breakfast every morning tightly. Let the little chocolate every day will be your reliable friend. And then go for a walk. Let a few, for 15-20 minutes. But the most pleasant places, which only can be found around the house.

“There’s favorite music? Let it constantly sounds background. Not loud and intrusive. Not only sad and depressed. Songs by Soviet composers or military marches, if they do not cause you irritation. Generally, remove all of his life, causing you irritation, at least for the first time. ”

Force yourself to meet up with friends, but avoid complain about life and its present condition. Not by what it is not interesting, but just do not have to once again reopen the wound. Select some, interesting entertainment events, and you go there.

So far so good, we do not think about: if the depression is what to do. And when it comes, we begin to fade away. Do not wait until everything will be very bad. Are you tired of working, you are missing out on what time you all the annoying? Urgent directly write a statement tomorrow on vacation. Take a plane ticket or a train and leave. But not only there where sad, bored and want to cry.

Move to where you wanted to for a long time, to the sea, to Lake Baikal, in the Crimea or in Japan. It does not matter, as long as there may be well and happy. Turn off the phone, do not watch TV, read books well. And not those about love or about the war, and something quiet, it calms.

Eat lots of vitamins, but in general, all delicious. To exit from depression, it is best to dial one or two extra pounds, but get over it. Here she came, depression What to do? Do not give up, climb out of all forces. Force yourself to go out, chat with friends, going to the movies, but only for good comedy.

If we are really tight, you should not ignore your doctor. Perhaps a mild sedative can quickly bring you back to normal.

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