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In recent years, doctors are more gently to how to gain weight for women during childbirth. As a result, modern moms gain more than their progenitor, often without having to return to its former shape before the new pregnancy. As a result, the weight is dialed like a snowball.



During pregnancy, all without exception, women gain weight. So nature intended that during pregnancy every woman appear accumulating on the hips and waist. This is to protect the body from external dangers, gain weight as airbag protects your baby if you hit or fall.

The Problem of Excess Weight

Many young mothers rather quickly lose all accumulated during pregnancy. Especially when they are younger than thirty years. A senior woman having a second or even a third child is difficult to lose weight – the woman becomes older, the metabolism slows down, harder to observe the regime and diet, no time for sports.

The Problem of Excess Weight

The Problem of Excess Weight

If you look at pictures of his mother and grandmother and then you will see that before the birth and they looked tiny. This can be explained not only by the fact that Soviet Doctors are very strictly followed the weight of pregnant and did not stint on the paint, talking about the consequences of weight gain. But the fact that our mothers had to run to the shops, to somehow satisfy their whims.

In our time, the most important reason for the accumulated weight during pregnancy is that women find it difficult to resist the execution of gastronomic desires. Unhealthy, high-calorie and fatty foods are now more accessible than our parents. Moreover, it is not necessary to go out to buy a pizza or more high-calorie food. So, with no effort, a little driving, get high-calorie foods. Very often, a sedentary lifestyle expectant mother develops due to complications such as morning sickness, high blood pressure, a disease of the veins.

During pregnancy, women who in real life was active and watch her figure, count calories during pregnancy relax and indulges in all serious.

How not to eat too much?

First of all, forget about what you should eat for two. All you really need during pregnancy, it is three hundred extra calories. By and large, these are just some fruit and a cup of yogurt. During breastfeeding you need a little more, about five hundred calories a day.

During this period, exacerbated hunger that may occur due to lack of vitamins and minerals. You need to take vitamins that you prescribe watching you doctor.

The most important thing after the birth of a child in his mother’s diet and this is the amount of milk that the body produces. To get a hundred milliliters of milk mom need to use eighty-five calories. If a child sucks a day about a liter of milk, and a woman’s body spends about 850 calories. It is the secretion of breast milk consumed and fat stores accumulated during pregnancy. A further need for energy is only five hundred calories.

It is necessary to monitor their weight and if you have noticed an increase of more than one kilogram a week, you should discuss this with your doctor. If you find it difficult to navigate the caloric content of products, you need to ask your doctor to refer you to a dietician consultation.

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