How To Get Rid Of Mice

By | July 28, 2015

How to get rid of mice
No one wants to see mice in our home, so knowing how to get rid of mice is our top priority. Personally I can’t feel safe if there is a mouse in my house moving freely. So here are some tips that might help anyoneknow how to get rid of mice.

  1. Build walls:
    You are not actually going to build walls, but more like putting barriers. If you see any hole, inside or outside your house walls just block it.
  1. Do your part:
    You need to be precautious and stick to the very part you can do, which is to keep your house clean. Dirt, remaining food outside the fridge and smell all that can attract mice, so you need to keep your house as clean as possible. One more tip is to put your trash as far as you could from your house.
  1. Make them hate your house:
    you need to make the mice repel out of your house, so you need to use everything you can. For example pepper mint oil, spray it and clean with it. Your kitty bowel can also scare mice. Technology can also play its part; there are some sound records which produce some disturbing tones that only mice can hear.

How to get rid of mice

  1. Trap them:
    If you are having a mouse in your house, you might start considering traps. There are a lot of traps different in techniques, sizes and even colors. So try any one of them.
  1. Use your pets:
    Knowing how to get rid of mice is all about being smart. If you have a cat, dog or even a bird that is an advantage while fighting mice. Set your pets free in the house and they will do the job.

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