How Low FODMAP Diet Can Flatten Your Belly

By | May 12, 2015

FODMAPs; are  found  in  the  food,  though   not  all  the  carbohydrates  are  measured   as FODMAPs. They are abbreviated as; Fermentable followed by Oligosaccharides then Disaccharides and finally Monosaccharide’s and Polyols. These are some compound names for a set of molecules found in food that can be scantily taken up into  the  body  by some individual  gut  and  forms  a large  belly.

How Low FODMAP Diet Can Flatten Your Belly

How Low FODMAP Diet Can Flatten Your Belly

As  the molecules are poorly absorbed in the  ileum  of the  gut, these  molecules  then  moves  on with  their passage along the human gut,  and  on  reaching at the  colon, where the breakdown  of  FODMAPs  and can make happen indication of  a gut  disorders  like  IBS. Therefore the  FODMAPs includes  the  following  simplified  examples   which  are  acted  upon  by  the bacteria along  the  gut.

  • Fructose (fruits, honey etc)
  • Lactose (dairy)
  • Frusta’s (wheat, garlic, onion etc)
  • Galatians (legumes such as beans, soybeans, etc)
  • Polios (sweeteners containing is malt, manifold, stone fruits such as avocado, cherries, sweeteners etc.)

First  of  all,  our  diet  can be customized to help you combat  digestive grumble and  a  big  belly  including constipation, excess  gas and  diarrhoea, of  which  this  are  the  major  causes  of  a  bloated  stomach  unlike  a  flattened  one which  are  the  major  effect  of  excessive  intake  of  the FODMAPs.

And  therefore  we  will  base  our  unease   just about  how  low  consumption of  low FODMAPs diet  reduces  bloating.

FODMAPs  are osmotic,  meaning  they can  pull water into the  gut , may not be digested or  and could be fermented  upon  by  bacteria in the intestinal tract  when   eaten in surplus, and  hence to  hold back  and  ensure  the tummy  is  as  well flattened , low  consumption and  intake  of  food  with  high  FODMAPs  ensures  all  the  food   in  the  gut  is  acted  upon  by  the  bacteria  and  no  bloating  may  occur and  no  unfermented  food  remains  behind.


The  low  FODMAP  diet is often   used  in those with  irritable bowel   syndrome  in  addition  to  this other disorders such as  inflammatory  bowel  disease, whereby  the    hard to digest carbohydrates  becomes  fermented  by  bacteria causing  discomfort and  a  swollen  stomach.

FODMAPs are rapidly fermentable carbohydrates  and  hence  think of them as fast food for your  digestive  track, despite the fact that  the  carbohydrates such  as  white bread and pasta contain  FODMAPs which ferments and causes production of copious amounts of bubbling   gas that results in bloating of  the  belly, it  is  recommends  that  ingestion  only stumpy  FODMAP foods such as oat  bran, brown  rice  and  red quinoas  etc.  flattens  the belly this diet will also limit fiber as some high fiber foods are also high in  FODMAPs. Fiber   is   a constituent   in the carbohydrate   foods. Consumption   of   foods   rich in fatty contents can make you feel uncomfortably stuffed.

FODMAPs  other  than  making  your  stomach  bloated  also  the  digestive  system  takes  time  and  longer to digest  carbohydrates, so it keeps the belly  full  for   longer  period  and  hence  a  substantial   reduction  of  the  amount  in  your  diet  will  cater  for  the  prolonged  stay  of  food  in  the  stomach  which  makes a  bloated  stomach. In addition  to   these  multifaceted carbohydrates  that  the  body  cannot digest found in plant based  foods  such as vegetable, fruits, fruits  and  whole  grains  etc.

Too miniature fiber can lead to blocking  of  the  gut  situation  called constipation, which can result in bloating  and  as  a result  the  FODMAPs  plenty    in  the  fiber  content  flattens the   belly  by  a  big  extent as  the  stomach  does  not  hold  food  for  long  but  its  removed  from  the  body   and  the  bloating  effects  are  then  avoided.

Having  considered  fructose  as  a  FODMAP  carbohydrate  full  food  and  fructose  like   wheat,  vegetables , fruits  and  honey etc.  When  foods  are  taken  into  our  bodies  and   it isn’t suitably absorbed in the small intestine, it move to the  where bacteria break it down into  bubbling  gasses that cause uneasiness. And  consequently  low  FODMAPS   will  be   keeping  you  free from  the  effects  of  bloating and  make  your  belly  flattened.

Allots of our  foods have multiple benefits  like  we  had  said  earlier not  all the  not  all  the  carbohydrates are  considered  FODMAPs . Taking   an avocado, for   illustration: It provide a mineral like potassium, protein and healthy fat in one plateful

Polios, sweeteners can also cause gas and bloating. , some of FODMAPs   are synthetic inducement, cannot   be digested. Fructose, a natural sugar added to many manufactured foods, is easier said than done for many people to digest and hence food that contains.

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