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By | July 8, 2015


Be The Expert

  1. Homemade Pregnancy Test:

We have all heard of the famous ancient Egyptian civilization, how great they were, the buildings they built and the sciences they put. But wait a second, what does the ancient Egyptian civilization has to do with Homemade Pregnancy Tests? . Well, I will tell you. Ancient Egyptians were the first people on earth to test the pregnancy of a woman; they had their own technique, they used her urine and pour it on some sort of grains, and if these grains germinated then the result will be positive. However, ages later, people developed more and more test techniques that will help you test pregnancy from home and be an expert.

It may be your first time to hear the term “Homemade Pregnancy Test”, and the only thing you know about pregnancy tests is the tester you buy from pharmacy, but in this special article we will introduce you to simple, easy and very special seven Homemade Pregnancy Test.

When to Take the Test?

  • Pregnancy Test calculator:
    Before talking about the tests, you first need to know when exactly should you take the tests, and this is to avoid any disappointment. To help you with that, here is an online pregnancy tests calculator which will help you know when to take the tests.
    Pregnancy Test Calculator


Homemade Pregnancy Test:

  1. Dandelion leaves for Homemade Pregnancy Test:

    A very simple and easy Homemade Pregnancy Test, you can simply cut some dandelion leaves and put them in anything like a container, and make sure it is plastic and make sure that the leaves is not exposed to sunlight. If the set is ready, you can now urinate on them then leave them for ten minutes, if you noticed any red bumps on the leaves, then congratulations, you are pregnant. four month pregnancy

  1. Bleach for Homemade Pregnancy Test: Get a cup and mix some bleach with urine, if this strange mixture starts to foam, then Hooray, you are pregnant. But be careful from the foams, they may cause some breathing problems.
  1. Pine sol for Homemade Pregnancy Test: another amazing Homemade Pregnancy Test is pine sol, and to make this test you can start with mixing different parts from the pine tree, then put them in a plastic pot and urinate on them, leave the mixture for ten minutes, if the color starts to change, then you have some wonderful news to announce.
  1. Sugar for Homemade Pregnancy Test: You may be hesitating now to try this test, but I’m sure that after you read this method you will change your mind. Sugar as a homemade pregnancy test is a very effective technique. You first need to urinate on a two or three teaspoons of sugar, if the sugar keeps its solid state then you are a future mom, but if it starts dissolving then unfortunately the result of the test is negative.pregnancyTest_2359910b
  1. Toothpaste as a Homemade Pregnancy Test: Toothpaste, seriously?!, well yes. Toothpaste is a very smart Homemade Pregnancy Test, you just have to one spoon of toothpaste with some urine in any container, make sure that the container is plastic. If the mixture turns blue, then you should go buy some baby stuff.
  2. Tuna juice and vinegar for Homemade Pregnancy Test: While preparing a nice tuna meal, save the juice for this test. Because this test needs forth cup of tuna juice and forth cup of vinegar in a plastic pot. If the color of the mixture changes to green then you are hundred percent pregnant. five month pregnancy
  1. Red Cabbage Homemade Pregnancy Test: This Homemade Pregnancy Test is wonderful, and yet simple. You only need to chop a one half of a red cabbage and soak it in hot water, put it on the stove and leave it to boil for about ten minutes and then leave it to cool down, strain the water into a separate cup. In another jar, collect some urine and make sure that the quantities of urine and cabbage waters are equal. Mix the two liquids in a separate cup and they will give you a purple color, if the color stays the same then you are surly pregnant with a girl, but if it changes to pink, then you are surly pregnant with a boy. But if it changes to anything else, then you are not pregnant.

Online Free Pregnancy Tests:

Another amazing and simple way to know whether you are pregnant or not, is the free pregnancy tests you find online, they are so simple, they just ask you few questions and then pop up with the results. And do not worry;  pregnancy tests are all free.

You now have many tests, try anyone and it will work efficiently as any pharmaceutical test. But remember that for homemade pregnancy tests, you always need to urinate in the morning because morning urine is always concentrated.



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