Home remedies for weight loss (That actually work)

By | June 23, 2015

Losing weight doesn’t always have to be complicated, I mean you can lose weight without going to doctors and following a strict diet, you can simply lose weight from home.
Home remedies for weigh loss is the spreading phenomenon nowadays, it helps you manage your weight and stay healthy and energetic.It’s simple, it’s easy, and surely worth trying…

The Remedies: Before going through those magical home remedies for weight loss, you first need to understand how losing weight actually work. When you eat food or drink juice or add anything to your body, it’s digested and stored in different forms. Fats, proteins and carbohydrates are represented by calories; calories are energy needed by the body. As long as your body is on the move, it tends to burn the needed calories (energy) and the rest is stored in your body, majorly in the form of fats. However, losing weight is a simple equation; if you want to lose weight you need to burn more calories than that you add to your body. The following remedies will help you do that.

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Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon Tea:Recently cinnamon is thought to be a blood sugar controller, but why do you need that? Controlling your blood sugar level helps you with less appetite and more energy to exercise, so it’s one of the best home remedies for weight loss.




1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon – 1 cinnamon stick – 8 ounces of fresh water.


-Place the cinnamon in a cup and cover with boiling water.
– Steep for 15 minutes before straining.
– Drink 1-2 times a day.


GreenGreen Tea and Ginger Tea and Ginger: Green Tea is known to be the famous aid for losing weight, because of its secret components, it is thought to be an energy booster, it helps your body release toxics and give you a feeling of relaxation. Ginger can help improve the digestion process, so green tea and ginger is the perfect couple for losing weight and considered to be one of the most effective home remedies for weight loss.



1/2 inch of fresh ginger root, peeled and finely chopped OR ½ teaspoon ground ginger – 1 teaspoon of green tea – 8 ounces of fresh water – Raw, organic honey (optional, as a replacement for sugar)


-Place green tea and ginger in a strainer or sieve and cover with 8 ounces of boiling water and don’t exceed 3-4 minutes.
-Add a little raw honey, but avoid milk or sugar.
-Drink one to two cups daily on an empty stomach.


Rose Petal Water

Rose Petal Water: As one of the famous home remedies for weight loss, Rose water is a natural diuretic, it encourages your body to lose more salt and need more water. Moreover, it keeps your body in a continuous need of water so that your body is always hydrated; being hydrated will always help in weight loss.



-Handful of fresh or dried rose petals – Distilled water (roughly 1-2 cups) – A pot with a tightly fitting lid.


-put rose petals in a pot, Place the pot on the stove, and add water to completely cover them.                                                                                                                                                        -Cover the pot with a lid and simmer until the petals lose most of their color, about fifteen to twenty minutes.
– Strain the liquid into a jar and keep in the refrigerator for six days.
– Drink half to one cup every morning on an empty stomach.


Plain Yogurt aPlain Yogurt Honeynd Honey: Yogurt is the secret ingredient for the relief of the digestive system, it regulates the digestion process and help breaking down of fat, you should try this comforting home remedy for weight loss.



1/2-1 cup of plain yogurt – 1 tablespoon of organic raw honey, or to taste.

Add honey to yogurt, eat this as a snack or breakfast.
You can add fresh fruit or oats as a change.


Black paper & Lemon Juice

Black Pepper and Lemon Juice: Black pepper contains a natural component called piperine, it’s in a big way responsible for reducing fat level in blood and enhances the absorption of nutrients entering the body. Lemon juice is also important, it helps you with breaking food and digestion, one of the best home remedies for weight loss, you should give it a try.



freshly ground black pepper – Juice of half a lemon – Fresh water.

Mix lemon juice with water and black pepper (about quarter tea spoon of pepper) Drink once daily after a meal.

Those five home remedies for weight loss are the most effective remedies; you really should give them a try.

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