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By | June 17, 2015

home sore throt remediesThe first famous sign of a cold is a sore throat or sore tongue. I believe that it really annoys you to have a sore throat; it’s like if your throat is burning or something,regardless of why you had a sore throat the first thing you do -and we all do- is that we run to our doctors so as to get an immediate relief, forgetting that there are some easy, fast and effective home remedies for sore throat that can be even better than our doctor’s medicines.


How could you know that you’re having a strep throat?
Before talking about those magical home remedies, it’s important that we mention sore throat symptoms. The symptoms of strep throat can really be tricky but in generally you’ll feelmost of these coming symptoms:

  1. Throsoreat pain.
  2. Difficulty swallowing.
  3. Swollen tonsils.
  4. Stomachache and throwing up, especially children.


Sore throat home remedies:

  1. Saltwater gargle:
    The first thing you should do is dissolving a half teaspoon of salt in one cup of water, then you gargle with the water, and then you spit it out, Just remember don’t swallow it. Many doctors really recommend gargling with saltwater. Gargling several times a day with warm saltwater can reduce your sore throat as it can reduce swelling in the throat and loosen mucus, helping to flush out bacteria, you really should give it a try.
  1. Herbal tea:
    If you can’t drink water because you have difficulty swallowing, then herbal tea will be the perfect drink for you and your throat, it can give you immediate relief for sore throat, you can also add a teaspoon of honey to your cup, it will give you energy and will make you feel a lot better. Honey has antibacterial properties that may help you heal faster; it is a really helpful home remedy.
  1. Chicken soup:
    Chicken soup is an old remedy for sore throat or tongue throat, it’s really recommended especially when you have difficulty swallowingas well.The sodium in the chicken broth has anti-inflammatory properties so it will really soothe your sore throat and it will give you both energy and calories you need, what a perfect home remedy.
  1. Marshmallows:
    Marshmallows, are you kidding me?! No I’m not kidding; Marshmallows are a very useful home remedy for sore throat, Marshmallow plant has been used for hundreds of years to treat sore throats. Researches have showed that marshmallows may have sore throat-fighting properties. Marshmallows are very slippery and they have a gelatin coats so it won’t hurt you while swallowing, I really think you should give it a shot.
  1. Rest:
    when you have a sore throat you will probably feel Fatigue and the best thing you should do to fight this infection is to rest, it may be not the quickest solution but it will help you.Make sure your body is well rested and it will fight the viruses probably.


  1. Fluids:
    Fluids will keep you hydrated, which is very important especially when you have a sore throat, you should keep drinking fluids until your urine become light yellow, this keeps your mucous membranes moist, you will be able to combat bacteria and your body will have enough power to fight back viruses. You can drink anything you want and you know water always works.
  1. Licorice Root:
    Licorice Root has long been used for sore throat, researches showed that it’s very effective when it’s mixed with water, it really can soothe your sore throat if you gargle with the solution as it willreduce swelling and irritation.
  1. Cloves:
    Cloves have been used for centuries as an old traditional Chinese medicine, they are used as painkiller because they contain“eugenol” which is a natural painkiller and it can act as anti-bacterial, all you have to do is to chew some cloves and it will ease the pain in your throat. And that’s another home remedy for your sore throat.
  1. Cinnamon:
    All the spicy food should be avoided when you have sore throat except this one, cinnamon -unlike other spices- will really help you when you have sore throat, as cinnamon is really high in anti-oxidants it can lessens the production of mucus. All you need is:
    1-Two cinnamon sticks.
    2-Half cub of boiling water.
    3-Any kind of tea.
    When you drink that mixture you will feel a lot better, trust me.
  1. Lemon and water:
    Basically any fluid will truly help you, but specifically lemon and water, this juice will help shrink swollen throats tissue and make your body able to fight bacteria, so all you need is to mix one lemon in one cup of warm water, I think this home remedy can do magic.

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