Healthy snacks for weight loss

By | June 24, 2015

In our previous article we discussed about how to reduce loose skin after weight loss. Now today we would be dealing with certain snacks which are healthy for loosing weight.

healthy way of loosing weight is often emphasized. Among many other ways of loosing weight in an healthy way one most important and efficient way is using healthy snacks for weight. healthy snacks that burns fat are given much importance. They give you sufficient energy and keep you from getting overweight and fat as we know a person with much weight is more likely to suffer from disease like heart diseases especially heart attack. So you must maintain normal weight in order to keep you active and fresh.

Healthy snacks for weight loss

We human beings are very concerned about our health therefore no compromize can me made on health. Best choice should me made in every thing that is related to your health. It also includes choosing healthy snacks for your weight loss. Depending upon your physical health, age and taste you can choose any of below mentiones snacks that suits and fits your health best.

Listed below are some of the Healthy snacks for weight loss

  • Pumpkin Seeds
  • Boiled Eggs
  • Tofu Sticks
  • Banana Nutter
  • Chocolate milk
  • Quick Lentil and Chickpea Curry


1) PumpPumpkin Seedskin Seeds :

Procedure :

Take 1 cup of pumpkin seeds. Wash them and dry them . Now roast them a little bit. It will provide you energy as it contains protein. It will prove to be a healthy snack for weight loss.


boiled eggs

2 )Boiled Eggs :

As eggs are a god source of energy so you can eat boiled egg to loose weight. It will keep you healthy.

Procedure :

Take water in a pan. Heat it over stove . When water gets started boiling put eggs into it and leave it to boil until 5 minutes so that it may get hard . In fact hard boiled egg is a healthy snack for weight loss.


Tofu Sticks

3 ) Tofu Sticks :

Tofu sticks are soya bean based protein that are rich in protein and provide you with sufficient energy to carry out your life activities on one hand and loose weight on other hand.

Procedure :

Slice them in the form of sticks and then baked. It is very tasty and spicy when eaten with tomato ketchup or some other sauce.


Banana Nutter

4 ) Banana Nutter :

Procedure :

Make a topping of any type of butter and slices of bananas upon brown rice and add some cinnamon. It will be very effective in weight loss.




chocalate milk

5 ) Chocolate milk

Procedure :

Take a glass full of milk. Pour it into a pan . Keep it on heat over the stove. Add chocolate or chocolate powder. Keep it for 5 minutes then remove the pan from the stove. Let it to be cool and then have it.

this is one of the healthy snacks that burns fat.



Chickpea Curry

6 ) Quick Lentil and Chickpea Curry :






INGREDIENTS                                            QUANTITY

chopped onion                                                   1

carrot                                                                      1

celery                                                                      1

garlic                                                                      1

curry powder                                                       1 teaspoon

lentils                                                                     15 oz

chickpeas                                                              15 oz

Procedure :

Chop one onion. Add it into a frying pan, now add carrot, celery, garlic and curry powder into the frying pan and soothe it. Add lentils ans chickpeas.Cook it for about 10 t0 12 minutes remove it from stove and serve it. You may add your desired topping

That was all regarding healthy snacks for weight loss. It is very efficient way of loosing weight because these snacks are fat free and keeps you from adding weight to your body.

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