Healthy Shopping List

By | May 2, 2015

Are you left with a lingering guilt every time you go to the shopping mart when you head straight for the mayo and cheese or chocolate shelves? Do you need to throw away a bunch of rotten veggies every fortnight, only after the odor in your refrigerator becomes distinctly unpleasant? Or are you one of those persons who like to eat healthy but think that healthy and nutritious food comes at a price that you cannot afford?

Healthy Shopping List

Healthy Shopping List

Many people think that the task of making a healthy shopping list is too cumbersome. Most people go shopping for their groceries on weekends and try to get over with it. It is a common notion that planning a healthy grocery list will take so long that they would be left with even less time to relax before the monstrous Monday. Quite contrary to the common notion, a shopping list comprising of healthy snacks list is not only easy to make but takes far less time than you dread.

Advantages of investing your time in a Healthy Shopping List

One might question the need of having a healthy grocery list in first place. Let us take a look at the following two scenarios;

  • You stand with the refrigerator door open wide, wondering what to cook for dinner
  • You return from your work and are simply too drained to plan a meal which is delicious as well as nutritious and healthy; so you decide to have a take away.

The common factor in both the scenarios is the lingering wish to serve your family and yourself a healthy and nutritious snack. However the shortage of time and the fact that you did not plan beforehand were a big hurdle to fulfilling your wish.

Now if you had planned your grocery list accordingly, you could feed your family a healthy meal because you would have shopped for all the requisite ingredients already. So next time you don’t have to worry about what healthy snack to serve since your healthy grocery list will lead your way.

On the plus side if you carefully plan your grocery list, it implies you shall not have to browse through rows of endless shelves aimlessly, wondering what to put into your shopping cart. See it saves your time!!!

Meal Plans

The ultimate dilemma that you face at every meal time is what to cook. A healthy shopping list comprises of such food items which are rich in nutritious value. The importance of having a healthy meal can never be over emphasized. Therefore it is always worth it to have a healthy grocery list i.e. the one having a list of healthy foods and containing a well-balanced mixture of all the food nutrients.

Components of an inexpensive Healthy Shopping List

So now we come to the ultimate question. What should a healthy grocery list look like? As we mentioned earlier, a healthy grocery list comprises of all the nutrients and food elements in balanced amounts. This implies that following food items will essentially appear in any healthy shopping list;

  • Grains
  • Proteins
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Dairy items

What to buy?

So now that we have decided what categories of our healthy grocery list to choose from, we just need to shortlist the particular food items to put into the shopping cart.

  • Proteins: When it comes to proteins, the importance of white meat and sea food is fundamental. Don’t forget to add eggs to your meals as it is a wonderful healthy food.
  • Grains: When it comes to grains you have a whole lot of variety to choose from. However try to go for the high fiber grains so as to up the nutrition value of your meals. If you want to try something different from typical bread and cereal, add pasta to your list of healthy food items. Don’t forget to get cereal and oatmeal so as to ensure that you don’t miss out on your healthy breakfast.
  • Fruits: Fruits are an essential part of every health plan and diet regime. Not only they are nutritious but if you opt for fruits like apples you get a satiating meal. Remember the proverb An apple a day keeps the doctor away? Still need motivation to buy fruit? Buy apples in bulk. They are cheaper.
  • Vegetables: Popeye the sailor taught us the importance of green leafy vegetables like spinach. Add them to your healthy grocery list and enjoy healthy snacks. From stir fried to vegetable soups to sumptuous salads, there is a lot that you can do with your vegetables. Get creative with our meal plan with healthy fulfilling vegetables.
  • Dairy Items: First and foremost don’t miss out on that glass of milk. Do include yogurt especially Greek yogurt which can be used either as a soup topping or can be served as a desert with fruits. Also stock up on cottage cheese which is great to taste as well as your health.

If you try to adhere to the outline, you can branch out and customize your shopping list taking into account your taste buds. Live a healthy and smart life. Enjoy your shopping!

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