Healthy and Nutritious Meals

By | May 2, 2015

The modern way of life is taking its toll on human health. The busy routine implies that one simply has to rush from home to workplace leaving no room for a healthy start to the day. There is simply no question of a healthy breakfast as most people face time restraints. Result? You grab an unhealthy muffin and gulp it down with the coffee or tea. It might satiate you for the time being but in the long run the lack of a healthy meal will result in dire health consequences.

Healthy and Nutritious Meals

Healthy and Nutritious Meals

The busy lifestyle leaves little room for one to try new healthy and nutritious meal recipes. The most apparent effects of lack of healthy meals are those on your psychological health as well as immune system.

We have a perfect answer to your dilemma. We bring you quick healthy recipes and healthy meal ideas so that you can ensure that each morsel of food that you put in your mouth is healthy, nutritious and beneficial to your body. These healthy meal ideas will not only satiate your hunger but will also leave you feeling fresh, energized, invigorated and revitalized. Thus you can turn around your life by simply choosing a healthy and nutritious snack that will motivate you and thus will leave you looking forward to your work eagerly.

A healthy breakfast is fundamental for a good start to your day. The importance of a nourishing breakfast was aptly described by Josh Billings when he stated that never work before breakfast. If you have to work before breakfast, eat breakfast first. So in order to get you started on your way to a healthy breakfast we bring you some quick healthy breakfast ideas. The best part of these quick and healthy breakfast recipe ideas is the fact that you don’t need to fret about the shortage of time in the morning before you rush off to your office.

When it comes to breakfast the age old adage Eat breakfast like a King, lunch like prince and dinner like a beggar holds quite true reason being that if you take a larger meal in the morning, you can burn it off throughout the day.

The first recipe in our quick healthy breakfast ideas is a treat for those who have a sweet tooth. Throw your favorite fruits like strawberry and blueberries into Greek yogurt and add crunch to it with some corn flakes or your preferred cereal. Need something more substantial? You may opt for the scrambled eggs. Pair it with salsa and cheese of your liking and you are set to go. Did you skip the dinner last night and now need a wholesome breakfast but are running short of time? Try the power packed combo of oatmeal, Greek yogurt and top with nuts to add flavor to it. Do you want to relive your childhood memories of your grandma baking you waffles for your breakfast but are afraid of the cholesterol within? Try the new high fiber recipe. It will leave you satisfied and happy. Want to add more flavor to it? Top it with seasonal berries and you have a quick healthy breakfast to kick off your day. You are not much of a morning eater? Don’t worry. You can still have your dose of nutritious and healthy breakfast with a Fruit smoothie. Just add your favorite fruits to it and have a sip of health.

Now when it comes to lunch, it is a complete chaos. Not only does it have to be appealing enough so as to keep you from the fast food takeaways but also has to be nutritious. Add to it the morning rush and zero prep time and you can get the picture of how severe the problem is.

You don’t need to worry any more as we bring you the healthy lunch ideas. Healthy lunch in no way implies that it needs lots or pre-preparation. In fact these meal ideas are as quick as they are healthy.

Add flavor to your lunch times with quick and healthy lunch idea of a veggie sandwich. Use cottage cheese as it is a rich source of protein. Need chicken in your lunch? Treat yourself to a spicy chicken wrap seasoned with light chilly and topped with mixed veggies. Love salads? You can have a healthy fruit and veggie salad topped with grilled cottage cheese. Throw in a high fiber bread roll to make it more filling or add raisins to it so as to add to its nutrition value.

By dinner time you have had your fill of the work day. It is the time for the whole family to sit together and have a few bites to it. The dinner should be tempting yet not indulgent. To help you decide the quick and healthy dinner recipe, we present to you our healthy dinner ideas.

One of the healthiest food ideas for dinner is to have a soup. It is not only light but you can up the nutrition level by using fresh veggies. Whether is it a tomato soup or a green blend, you can always season it with cottage cheese or yogurt to bring out its flavor. Want to sizzle things up? Try the roasted salmon with green veggie mix. You can have a tuna sandwich to appease your fish cravings. Want to have a change of cuisine? Try a vegetable pasta salad. Add smoked chicken to it for enhancing its taste. You may try pan cooked chicken with Indian curry if you want to add a healthy yet delicious zing to your dinner time. Still crave for more? Try a salsa salad with vegetables and/or fruits of your choice. Season it well to bring out its taste.

In order to look good you need to eat well. Healthy and nutritious food leaves you feeling healthy and revitalized. Try these healthy meal ideas and feel good about yourself. Happy Eating!!

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