Fueling The Vegetarian Endurance Athlete

By | June 12, 2015

Vegetarianism involves the aspects of refraining from consuming meat in the perspective of seafood, poultry, red meat and by-products emanating from the same. The reasons for practicing vegetarianisim can be harnessed from economic, aesthetic, cultural, environmental, political and health oriented aspects. Most vegetarians do not necessarily consume packed or processed food since they are known to contain animal ingredients from which processed foods constitute cake, candies, chocolate, candies, marshmallows and yourghut altogether. Animal derived ingredients do not favor most vegetarians and are not necessarily considered in their diet altogether. The vegetarian diets are known to be quite convenient in giving nutritional adequacy to their diets and their diets are focused at avoiding nutrition deficiencies. Vegetarians are known to embrace diets that favor good health and thereby the health benefits emanating from the same can be described to lower risks associated with effects from heart disease and low lipoprotein density altogether. Vegetarians are known to take whole plant foods that contain beans, nuts, seeds, whole grains, vegetables and fruits altogether. Vegetarians can also consume whole plant foods along with nutrients such as vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, phytochemicals and minerals. A huge amount of calories that are consumed emanate from processed foods and animal products altogether.


Vegetarian athletes are susceptible to disease and illnesses that are associated with viral infections. Altogether, making wrong choices such as excess fat intake and making poor choices on food may lead to induced immune suppression. This endeavor is remedied by taking ample amounts of micronutrient in terms of folate, cartenoids, copper, zinc, selenium and vitamins E,C,B12 and B6 altogether. Cartenoids that are rich in pigment molecules are known to enhance the immune system and are recommended in a bid to enhance the immune system altogether.

Some seeds such as those of chia, flax, sunflower, sesame and pumpkin are a healthier alternative for vegetarians altogether. The latter are an ample source of healthy fat and proteins from which they are known to offer a good amount of proteins and the right balance of lingams, fatty acids, sterols and other beneficial components that influence or bring about immune- competence altogether. A diet that constitutes phytochemicals and antioxidants can also serve as a remedy to aspects such as the reduction of oxidative stress among athletes altogether. It is important to appreciate the fact that any exercise oriented activity can lead to stress that tends to last for some days especially in the blood and the skeletal muscle altogether. Green vegetables are known to contain ample amounts of micronutrients and constitute broccoli, bokchoy, collards, kale and are known to be good antioxidant foods altogether. Kiwi, oranges, sour cherries, pomegranate, berries and black currents are some fruits known to be rich in antioxidant aspects that suits athletes.


In conclusion, athletes require a greater quantity of proteins unlike sedentary individuals since proteins constitute a good amount of the energy that is used during exercise altogether. Insufficient ingestion of nitrogen leads to a negative balance in nitrogen altogether. For an athlete their diet should be oriented at sustaining their nutrition requirements altogether. Workouts are endeavors that call for one to take diets that constitute iron and proteins and therefore well balanced meals are a determinant factor in the functionality of the athlete during the processes of exercise altogether. A good diet that supplements the nutritional requirements of an athlete’s body can bring about good performance in the process of taking physical exercises. Athletes train or follow a given schedule from which they exercise regularly and are thereby required to have a good diet that supplements their energy needs altogether.

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