Four Months Pregnant

By | July 8, 2015

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Sit Back And Relax

After having three difficult months, when your head is full of worries, and when your body is continuously changing, when your one and only best friend is the evil morning sickness, it’s time to have a break from all this and relax, and your fourth stage is certainly your time out from all these tricky pregnancy discomforts.

The fourth month of pregnancy is the best; it is a lot more comfortable than others and is fun either. In this very special month you begin to feel the first kick, even the side effects, they could go stronger, but you will learn how to control them.

However, Pregnancy has never been easy, at each and every stage you feel different, your appetite for food changes, you may like and hate oranges at the same hour, your body changes, and you may even get moody at most of the time. However, all these factors are totally forgotten when it comes to one and only one thing, that thing is the little beautiful creature growing in your tummy. When you feel a move or when you see his photo for your first ultrasound scan, you get excited enough to forget all your suffering, and to work harder to guarantee a safe delivery for your baby.

But as we all know, it is the anxiety that made any excitement fades away. However, you have the complete right to be anxious, but we are here to help. One of the most important things you should do first is to understand each stage of your pregnancy and how to deal with it; in this article we will help you be a perfect four months pregnant.


  • How is your baby doing at his week number sixteen?

As a four months pregnant, you should have noticed that your baby now is doing some pretty amazing stuff, he starts kicking and moving around. Your baby’s size is changing but still so small, he is only eleven centimeter tall and at the size of a guava fruit. His is now fully chapped, his limps are complete, and while you are reading this, he may be sucking his thump. Isn’t it beautiful?

Moreover, your baby now seems like a system that is loading and connecting for the first time. His backbone is becoming stronger so that you will see him –in the ultrasound picture of course- straightening his neck, the reason behind that your baby starts to move is that his nervous system is connecting to his muscles. Furthermore, his facial expressions start to show up and that is due to the movement of his facial muscles. His skin is now so transparent and thin, if you look into the deep, you might be able to see his blood vessels. five months pregnant

How are you doing at this stage?

As a four months pregnant, it is important that you understand how this stage is going to affect you and your body. You need to do your periodic examinations and tests, just to make sure that everything is going so well. Blood pressure tests and urine examination are so important, so do not miss their appointment. One trickier thing that could strike you at this stage is freckles and moles; as a four month pregnant, you may see dark brown marks starting to appear down your belly. As your hormones get back to work, you will see that on your skin, but do not worry; these marks will completely fade away few months after you born your sweet baby.cfb3f519b154d8db95f02d818e927bbf

After understanding all the above, there are still few more things that worth mentioning, first of all, you need to get along with your partner, you are now becoming to be parents, and any stresses will surely affect your baby.

Secondly, you need to take care of your health, always eat healthy, fresh and homemade food; you can also try to drink fresh smoothies and juices. Moreover, pregnancy exercises will certainly do great help at this stage. Whatever you do, you need to take care of your health as it will certainly reflect on the little creature sleeping peacefully in your tummy.

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