Fish oil for weight loss, truth or myth

By | July 2, 2015

Fish oil is very useful for you; it has so many health benefits. Fish oil contains omega-three fatty acids,these fatty acids have numerous and documented health benefits, it improves brain function and balance the cholesterol level in your body, plus it prevents cancer. Fish oil improves blood flow and reduces infection;it makes athletes train harder than usual.

But does fish oil really helps you lose weight?

Beside all of these health benefits, fish oil for weight loss can be very useful even for the non-athletes, the uses of fish oil are profound, and researches have shown that fish oil for weightloss can be so efficient and it can improve your body so I really recommend you take fish oil with your diet.
The only negative effect appear when you take large doses as it can causes increased bleeding but this happen in rare circumstances but I really thinks that benefits far outweigh the risks  so it is up to you.

Fish oil for weight loss
Fish oil for weight loss is a truth and not a myth and that is for so many reasons:

  1. Fish oil and fat reduction:
    Fish oil can make you lose fats so quickly and that is because fish oil contains the omega-three fatty acids which are essential for your body, essential fats are those your body can’t produce on its own but they are very necessary so it must be eaten, fish oil won’t turn into fats instead, it will build the outside layer fats that will protect your cells and then it will make your metabolism function so much better and you will burn more calories.
  1. Fish oil decreases your appetite:
    taking a couple of fish oil capsules after you eat will make you feel full longer, so you will eat less and after a short time it will make you lose weight without feeling hungry and having hunger cramps,it will also regulate your appetite and your mood, there are some researches have shown that beside fish oil for weight loss, fish oil can work as antidepressant.
  1. Fish oil build muscles:
    there was a study about fish oil for weight lossthis study have shown that if you take a couple capsules of fish tail per a day for six weeks you will lose fats and build muscles, the subjects in this study lost more than 2 lbs. of body fats, but the really amazing part in this study is they did not even work out or exercise, they have also gained some muscles and they did not have to do anything else to lose weight all they had to do is to take 2 capsules of fish oil.

Fish oil build muscles

  1. Fish oil will make your diet more effective:
    fish oil for weight loss
    is very efficient,if you took capsules of fish oil you will feel better as the fish oil capsules will make your diet more efficient and you will start losing fats quickly, also you should try taking it before doing exercises or working out and I am sure it will make your body burn calories more than usual.
  1. fish oil reduces fats storage:
    fish oil for weight loss
    is very useful because fish oil reduces the fats storage in your body, so if you take fish oil capsules before meals it will increase your insulin sensitivity in your body and that will really help you cause it will reduces the risk that the food you eat will be stored as fats in your body so keeping your cells of your body sensitive to insulin is very important because it is the key to losing weight and remaining healthy, I really advice you take fish oil before meals.

Now we all agree that fish oil for weight loss is an excellent way to lose your extra pounds but how to use it:
-How to use fish oil for weight loss?

You can take fish oil pills or capsules and you can find it in local markets and drugs stores but make sure you consult your doctor before taking it, otherwise you can just eat fish a lot, and you should try eating fish twice a week for more efficient way.

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