By | April 14, 2015

Probably every woman was preparing food that in the pre-holiday bustle, buying gifts and decorations celebration places you do not have time to take care of their appearance. As a result, even a perfectly prepared and thoughtful holiday can be spoiled if the hostess of sorts. And what might be in the mood, if you do not look your best? The following five simple steps will help you quickly get in shape and feel irresistible.



Receiving First

For the body. Yes, throw those same 2-3 kilos, you will not succeed, but do not despair. Hot showers in conjunction with your favorite scrub will help remove dead skin cells and renew your skin, and the subsequent pouring cool water will refresh it and give a sense of smartness. In order to give the skin a smooth and add shine to her pour into your body balm little shimmering pearl powder. This will achieve the same effect as when applying it with a brush, but much faster.

Receiving a Second

For face. Special finished mask with lifting effect to improve the complexion and moisturize the skin instantly give you a feeling of youth. Just do not leave it on longer than instructed. If you do not have time to hectic buy a mask, do not despair. Remove the traces of fatigue and swelling will remove grated raw potatoes, which is necessary to impose a thin layer on clean face for 15 minutes. Then, wipe the face with ice cube, a simple way to perfect skin tones. After all procedures do not forget to apply the cream to the face, for the well-moisturized skin smoother falls makeup.


Receiving a Third

To the eye. Reduce circles under the eyes, swelling and swelling of the eyelids helps cucumber with a few drops of lemon juice. If you put slices of cucumber on your eyes and hold for 15-20 minutes, then rested and healthy appearance is provided to you.


Admission Fourth

When applying makeup, pay close attention to the eyebrows, because it is their shape is most noticeable effect on expression. Properly painted eyebrows give your face a well-groomed appearance and makeup finish. In order to look natural eyebrows can be used instead of the traditional pencil suitable color shade. Shadows applied to small strokes, and then well shaded. Under the eyebrows can apply a small amount of light or Matt Pearl Shadows, it will make your eyes look more open. At the end do not forget to apply blusher, they will help to emphasize the cheekbones and make the face more expressive.


Acceptance of the Fifth

For the soul. So now to create a festive mood at just look in the mirror and … smile!

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