Fecal Transplantation – A New Trend in Maintaining a Healthy Gut Microflora

By | April 6, 2015

Fecal Mikrobioticheskaya Transplant (FMT) is a new trend in the fight against pathogenic bacteria in the gut and keeping it healthy microflora. Looks procedure, to put it mildly, peculiar. Donor faeces, diluted with saline administered through the rectum through a colonoscopy or a normal enema.

Fecal Transplantation - A New Trend in Maintaining a Healthy Gut Microflora

Fecal Transplantation – A New Trend in Maintaining a Healthy Gut Microflora

Assign fecal transplant patients with acute intestinal infection or after long-term treatment with antibiotics, which is known to disrupt the healthy intestinal microflora.

Preparation of The Donor

That the procedure took place the patient must find a donor and a friend or relative who is ready to sacrifice their faeces. Donor examines hepatitis A, B and C, HIV, Syphilis, and Parasites. It should also not take antibiotics for three weeks prior to transplantation, to have chronic diarrhea, inflammatory bowel disease and colorectal cancer.

The night before the procedure, the donor receives a laxative. The next morning, the doctor makes a fence chair, dilute it with saline and the resulting mass in a blender. Next it is filtered through the coffee filter in order to eliminate any particles and placed into a cooling chamber. This mixture should be used within 6 hours.

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Patient Preparation

The patient is also tested for hepatitis, HIV, syphilis, and parasites. To clear the rectum and colon, the patient is prescribed the day before the procedure, a special diet and no solid food, only clear liquids, usually water and tea. The night before the manipulation and the next morning, the patient should take a laxative. In the endoscopy department he is given two tablets of the drug that slows digestion.

The Procedure

First, the doctor makes a drip through which introduces a sedative and extra fluid. Fecal transplantation is usually done with the help of colonoscopy, the procedure allows the doctor to examine the intestinal mucosa for polyps, tumors and lesions.

When fecal transplantation colonoscopy is used to introduce therapeutic solution.

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After The Procedure

The procedure is generally quite simple. After the patient need to get away from the action of sedatives, go home and rest there.

How to assure doctors, FMT gives a 90% success rate and almost no side effects. “After a few months of treatment with antibiotics is amazing to see how quickly people recovering from fecal transplant – says Bret Lashner, a gastroenterologist at the Cleveland Clinic interview HealthHub, – I have completed eight of these procedures and note the excellent results. Healing occurs within two weeks and this is a therapy that works.”

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