Fasting for Weight Loss

By | June 23, 2015

Fating means not to eat any thing for a long period of time. Some people keep fast for religious purpose while some people keep it for weight loss.

fasting for weight lossWhy people prefer fast over other weight loss procedures?

Busy life man has been yoked into is getting more and more intense and man is got entangled into snare of endless tasks which will end with end of life. In such situation most of busy people and lazy people do not spend their time on their health issue, especially when it comes to loosing weight. Though many other ways of loosing weight are there which we have shared with you in series of articles before ,such as Meal Replacement Shakes for Weight Loss, Smoothies For Weight Loss, Healthy snacks for weight loss, juice recipes for weight loss and  cinnamon weight loss but all these ways of reducing weight demand attention and time from you. So if you do not have much  time for all these ways then the thing that will prove valuable and will not consume your time is Fasting for Weight Loss.

Weight gain causes a lot of problems and diseases so it is necessary to get rid of extra weight.

Fasting spans across different time spans. It depends upon how much weight you have gained and how much you want to loose. Fast can be of 24 hours,  12 hours or 17 ours or it can be according to your choice or desire you can keep it as long as you can.

How fasting help in weight loss

How fasting help in weight loss?

Fasting is eating nothing for a long period of time. It may be for 12 hours, 17 ours or in some cases it is of 24 hours. When you keep fast and do not eat anything and you are not taking calories then in such a situation your body will need calories and will burn the fats and calories that are stored and reserved in your body.


Fasting for weight has been set as trend. It is more common among young people and especially among women and girls as compare to other age groups. Fast for weight loss and see the magical results an observation has shown that Fasting for Weight Loss shows its results in the form of weight loss quicker as compare to other weight loss procedures.

As we know that each and every thing has good and bad side that is there are some advantages and some disadvantages of every thing similarly there are some disadvantages of Fasting for Weight Loss which are listed below

Advantages of Fasting for Weight Loss:

  • Quick weight loss.
  • Decrease calories in body.
  • Do not consume your time.
  • Makes you strong
  • Increases your patience
  • Decreases your hunger

Disadvantages of Fasting for Weight Loss:

  • It can result in deficiency of blood in your body.
  • Deficiency of nutrients and vitamins.
  • Disturbs metabolism.
  • Loss of muscle strength.


You have to make best choice that suits you best and fits you best according to your personality and life styles and the one that you are comfortable to adopt. These tips will surely prove good for your weight loss and you will be happy and satisfied to see the results. And do not forget to measure your weight twice a week to get an idea how much weight you have lost.

eat after fasting

What to eat after fasting?

After Fasting when you eat some thing, only eat those things that are fat free. There will be no use of fasting if you start eating fat containing and high calories containing food. Consume food that is rich in fibers and protein which will fulfill the deficiency of nutrients that occurred in your body as a result of fasting. Take juices such as mango juice, apple juice and orange juices. Juices and shakes will also fulfill the nutrient deficiency in your body and will keep you fresh and fit. Avoid junk foods and beverages that are sharp as you have kept your stomach empty for such a long time, they will directly affect and harm your stomach walls and will react with Hydrochloric acid (HCL) in your stomach and produce harmful and toxic substances and chemicals.

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