Extreme Weight Loss Diet Shed your Fat in Days

By | June 23, 2015

Weightlessness; it’s that awesome feeling you have when you’re swimming or sky diving, that feeling that makes a 90 kilogram Ma’am feels like a 40 kilogram lady. Thanks to physics and up thrust force, they made us liftable underwater.
Going back to reality, you aren’t that 40 kg lady, you are the 90 kg Ma’am, and nothing will give you that feeling back but living underwater.
Wait a second, actually there is something that might give you that feeling back, once and for all. Extreme weight loss diet isn’t a fairy tale, there are some techniques that can make you lose weight in no time.

Extreme Weight Loss Diet

This diet will make you lose 8 pounds in just two weeks:
One of the most famous extreme weight loss diet, it can make you shed your fat in days.



For Break Fast :

You can try one of these extreme weight loss diet for breakfast..


A- OpBreak fasten-Faced Capers Omelet:

1) two eggs
2) one teaspoon of olive oil
3) half cup of skimmed mozzarella cheese
4) one sliced medium vine-ripened tomato
5) one teaspoon of balsamic vinegar
6) sea salt(if you want)
7) eight fresh basil leaves

preparation method:
gently whisk the two eggs together and cook them on medium low heat with the one teaspoon of olive oil, put the mozzarella during cooking, slide the omelet onto a plate, decorate with a slice of tomato then spray with the balsamic vinegar, if you want to you can sprinkle with the sea salt and decorate with the fresh basil leaves.


Nut Butter and Nectarine Open Sandwich

B- Nut Butter and Nectarine Open Sandwich:


  1. One tablespoon roasted almond butter
  2. Two toasted whole-grain English muffin
  3. one nectarine
  4. Ground ginger or cardamom.



Spread one tablespoon roasted almond butter onto each of two toasted whole-grain English muffin halves. Very thinly slice one nectarine and arrange on top; sprinkle with a pinch of ground ginger or cardamom.

For snacks and desserts: 

You can try one of these extreme weight loss diets for snacks and desserts…

A-Red Grapsnacks and dessertse and Aged Goat Cheese Skewers.

1) fifteen red seedless grapes
2) one ounce aged goat cheese
3) three bamboo skewers



Preparation method:
Slide five grapes onto each of three bamboo skewers; top each with a third-ounce piece of cheese.


Granola Yogurt Parfait

B- Granola Yogurt Parfait.


  1. 6 ounces plain fat-free Greek yogurt
  2. 2/3 cup granola
  3. 1/2 cup puffed wheat cereal
  4. 1 sliced peach.




Layer 6 ounces plain fat-free Greek yogurt with two thirds cup granola mixed with half cup puffed wheat cereal, and one sliced peach.


For lunch:

you can try one of theseextreme weight loss diet for lunch…
Chicago-Style Chicken Hot Dog:

ingrChicago-Style Chicken Hot Dogedients:
1) one grilled or boiled organic chicken hot dog
2) one hot dog bun
3) two tablespoons drained sweet pickle relish
4) two teaspoons mustard
5) two sliced cherry tomatoes
6) two tablespoon of chopped sweet onion
7) half cup of potato salad

Spread two teaspoons of mustard on 1 whole-wheat hot dog bun, then add on top two tablespoons drained sweet pickle and 1 grilled or boiled organic uncured chicken or meat hot dog.
Add two sliced cherry tomatoes, two tablespoons minced sweet onion, one tablespoon minced green bell pepper, and a dash of celery salt. Serve with half cup of potato salad.


LLobster Wrapobster Wrap:


  • whole-wheat tortilla
  • Two thirds cup cooked, chilled lobster meat
  • One tablespoon each mayo and fat-free Greek yogurt
  • one teaspoon of chopped fresh tarragon
  • eighth teaspoon each hot-pepper sauce and grated lemon zest
  • three quarter cup of sliced lettuce
  • Onecup of red bell pepper strips.

Top one tortilla with two thirds cup cooked, chilled lobster meat, one tablespoon each mayo and fat-free plain Greek yogurt, one teaspoon finely chopped fresh tarragon, eighth teaspoon each hot-pepper sauce and grated lemon zest, and a pinch each of sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Top with three quarter cup sliced Boston lettuce or other leafy greens, and roll up. Eat with one cup red bell pepper strips or zucchini slices.

Those were extreme weight loss dietthat will make you lose weight in no time; try to stick to those recipes. Don’t forget to exercise a lot; you can also try those wonderful weight loss smoothies and juices, if you do so, then weightlessness is on its way.

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