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Paradoxically, the fact is that the most efficient, safe and reliable recommendations regarding health and longevity are also the most obvious, if not commonplace. Moreover, on most of them, we are aware since childhood. Do not want to catch a cold? Dress for the weather. Want to live longer? Try to give up bad habits. Do you want to have tightened figure? Nutrition and Sports to help you! Easy, isn’t?



Miracles Do Not Happen!

No less paradoxical another fact: These recommendations we almost never follow. Or move from experimentation to a good old-fashioned medical classics, already having a solid experience of self-folk or “innovative” techniques, sitting on the miracle diets and drinking mysterious teas and decoctions, which allegedly “round up” the extra pounds pace.

Doctors only shrug wearily, maybe they just got tired of repeating the same simple truths. We’re just in case, do it again: Keep the young slender, mobility, health and vitality will help you a balanced and regular exercise and proper nutrition management.

Forget about miracle pills, tinctures and harmful to a healthy diet. Especially on “fast”, all of these countries, the Council for five to seven days eat only yogurt, grapefruit or boiled chicken, of course, help to lose a few pounds in the shortest possible time. But our body is a complicated and very well-oiled machine that is sure to react to such a mockery.

How? If you often sit on the rapid diet, you probably know what I mean. Terrified “hungry” period of the body begins to actively stocking is the probability of gain extra pounds after a tough diet grows significantly.

More and More Active!

Coffee-Diet: Yes, and we feel ourselves during some coffee, water or fruit diet is not particularly well: the constant drowsiness, chills, rumbling in an empty stomach, and if the diet is delayed, the more threatening and deterioration of skin and nails, hair loss, damage tooth enamel.

Is it worth all this losing a few pounds, which in a few months to go back, so even with the addition of? Maybe it would be wiser to gradually begin to rebuild their diet toward healthy lifestyles?

Yes, do not expect instant results, especially if the excess weight you have enough, and sport you’ve never loved. Weight will decline slowly, but you can be sure your best: this result is achieved without hunger cramps and nightmares involving cakes and pork chops, will stay with you for life. Proper nutrition also helps rid it of excess fat in the body of stagnant water but not of the muscle and skin benefit agents and hair as many ‘unique, unparalleled “diet.

Do not forget that in addition to proper nutrition the body needs more and movement at least the minimum load. Why? Then, in order not to have weakened our muscles and joints to once at the waist and thighs burned efficiently to figures become not just a thin but toned proportional.

“Thin” Does Not Mean “Healthy”

Those for whom the process of resetting extra pounds in accordance with medical advice is not new, are well aware of: light weight is not a guarantee of beauty and health.

Regularly engaging in sports, increasing muscle mass, burning excess fat, you will notice an interesting feature: the weight of the body can be reduced quite a bit, just for two or three kilos, but the difference in volume is simply enormous. How it is: the scales show the same number, and favorite jeans already falling from the hips? Very simple: fat gives way to train the muscles, and they weigh more, despite the fact that they occupy a smaller volume.

Proper nutrition and the effectiveness of sports activities are inseparably linked. But the recommendations on “Sports” nutrition will be discussed in a future article. In the meantime, focus on the basic principles of a balanced diet, which, in contrast to the diet should be part of your lifestyle.

Eat According to The Rules and…

Yes, another obvious point: “sit” on proper nutrition will not work. Actually, of course, turn out, but that will be of little: in contrast to the diet, proper nutrition – for life. But restrictions and in a balanced diet is not as much as in some “royal superdiete-99” found on the Internet. But a year or two holiday excesses and cappuccino with a cake in your favorite coffee shop once a week completely cease to affect your figure: developed metabolism instantly “burn down” all the excess, and scored a one-two kilograms of leave by themselves.

Sounds great, right? How can establish is the most balanced diet, because on the Internet, in books and magazines, radio and TV provides incredible number of recommendations often refute each other? We will try to answer this question objectively.

The Main Thing – A Variety of:

Thus, firstly, nutrition is not only the chicken breast without salt and oils, wheat germ and apple slice dessert. Your diet should be diverse: every day at the plate should be protein and fats, and “slow” carbohydrates (grains, cereals, past gentle processing, vegetables (preferably non-starchy) and not very sweet fruits and seeds, nuts Goods of coarse flour). In this case, vegetables and fruit (limit yourself nutritionists recommend only in potatoes, carrots, beets, bananas, grapes and dried fruits or dried) should be 50% of your daily diet. A quarter of all that you eat per day – ideally, meat, fish, dairy products , eggs, legumes, word, protein sources. Another quarter – slow carbohydrates (this includes even muffins, bread and pasta, whole meal).

Do not get too much fat intake and cut down: and animal fat and vegetable oil in reasonable quantities are vital to us. Sugar and salt are also cast off the table is not necessary: ​​a day for an adult in a healthy way, you can use 4 grams of salt and 50 grams of sugar. However, it is best to buy salt or iodized sea, coarse, and sugar – cane, natural, not artificially bleached.

Semi-Finished Products – no!

Cake, but from what exactly should be abandoned, since it is from the products of industrial production. Say “no” or “at least not as often” cake, and a cake of pastry, candy and cookies, soft drinks and packed juices from concentrate, sausages and smoked, canned and semi-finished products.

Semi-Finished Products - no!

Semi-Finished Products – no!

About fast food is also better to forget the critical moment, when there is no place to eat at all and there is no time and really want to eat – because in fact it is for this and were invented hot dogs and burgers. For a snack, not for daily absorption for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

What offended finished products? Yes, the fact that, according to all studies, the content of salt, sugar, flavorings and fats unknown origin just rolls over. From what you semiannually reap ready dumplings with ketchup from the supermarket, of course, nothing bad will happen. But if your diet is at least 30% consists of finished products – time to sound the alarm. It already can seriously affect your health.

“Water” – A Synonym … “Harmony”

Excess salt, provoke fluid retention (which leads to edema, lymph and blood micro-circulation, the formation of cellulite… you can continue for a long time), toxins helps bring clean water.

"Water" - A Synonym ... "Harmony"

“Water” – A Synonym … “Harmony”

Remember, no matter how much you drink a day or juices, fruit drinks, tinctures, teas and coffee, no matter how much ate soups and broths, juicy fruits and vegetables, you should also drink plenty of clean water. This is not only a pledge normalization of water-salt metabolism, lack of edema in the mornings and evenings, significant weight loss is only due to the “drain” of excess water from the body. It is also a health, youth and elasticity of your skin smooth and beautiful complexion, lack of early wrinkles and “crow’s feet”.

The standard recommendation, which is found in most sources – 2 liters of clean water per day. Many doctors also now clarify: not less than 2 liters. The exact dosage is determined by the rate of 30-40 ml of pure (but possible not distilled) water per 1 kg of body weight. That is, to drink two liters a day should a person weighing 50 kilograms. If you weigh 60, you need to have two and a half liters – and so on.

All in Good Time

Drinking water as well as tea and coffee, juices and fruit drinks (domestic or “bio”, of course), as well as alcohol in reasonable quantities (a glass of wine at dinner does not go against the principles of proper nutrition) or best before meals or after some time.

You also noticed some inconsistency: how, in fact, say, a good wine is to choose a particular dish? Yes, alcohol can make an exception – the main thing is not to get involved in them. With the rest is better to suffer: too much liquid drunk for a meal, the stomach expands and slows the digestive process.

We are looking for balance

Not bad also monitor the consumption of calories. All the “rules” that are in different directories and recommendation only about articles: each person is different, and accurate data for yourself, you can find out by using the calculator, which in abundance on the Internet on their respective websites, consult a nutritionist or fitness instructor.

To do this, you need the following inputs: your exact height and weight, age, physical activity, metabolic rate and the goal you set for yourself – to lose weight, keep the weight at the same level or type it by increasing muscle mass. Also, try to eat a daily rate of carbohydrates and sugars in the morning, and evening meals leave protein, fiber and unsweetened drinks.

Necessary and Sufficient

Menu Recommendations for fractional power 5-6 times a day as relative: watch your well-being and state. If you can do three meals a day and do not feel hunger and loss of strength in between breakfast, lunch and dinner, you should not force yourself to cram more and lunch with afternoon tea.

But miss one of the main meals are not worth it, especially for breakfast and lunch. Firstly, if your stomach is empty until the evening, it threatens the development of gastritis and ulcers. Secondly, in the evening you will wake up ravenous hunger, and you eat a lot more than they should.

With pleasure and on time!

Nutritionists also recommend that relate to food intake seriously do not need to have a “passing”, staring at the TV or computer screen, no need to absorb the food as fast as if you are participating in the competition. Nice atmosphere and friendly also affect how food is digested and how fast is saturated.

The last meal should be at least (but not more!) Than 2-4 hours before bedtime. Also, try to determine for themselves individually, serving what size you have enough to saturate – after a meal you should not have any weight in the stomach or hunger.

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