Do I Have An Eating Disorder?

By | June 17, 2015

Eating DisorderAccording  to  the  statistics  that  shows  that more  than  one  million  people  of  both  gender  are  suffering  from the  common  disorder  like anorexia nervosa, continual wrestle with  your  own  weight.  binge  eating  disorder,  and bulimia . We will  look  in  details  at  all this disorders  in  a  much  deeper  point in  this article.

Obviously  if food  rules  your  life, then  the  probability  of  you having  to  suffer  from  an  eating  disorder  tend  to  be  higher. Each  day  that  come more  and  more  people  are  getting  this  disorder, but  the  most  serious  thing  is  the case  is getting  worse with  days.

Studies  have  revealed  that all  the  eating  disorders  commonly  occurs at  and  during  the  teens  years, at  childhood,  young  adults and  later  even  in  the  adult age. Those  who suffers  from the disorder  will exhibit  some signs  that  will  be  for  warning(like gain  of  weight, obsession with  food etc)  them  just  like  any  other  disorder.

It  is  high  time  you  also  make  sure you  take  any  possible corrective  measure in case  you  realize that  you have any. For  the  disorders  effects  might  be  even drastic  enough  to alter  your  interaction  with  relative  and  so  on.

Take  an  Eating  disorder  test  that  have been  specifically  compiled  together  for  you  by  The Founder  of  the  national center  for  eating, Deanne Jade. This  test  will  take  you through a  step to  see  whether  you  have any  of  the  eating  disorder or  even  if  you  are prone  to  be  suffering  from  the disorder that  we  are  going  to  look  into.

Finally   the  test  will  also check  whether  you  have  a healthy body  mass,  in  accordance  with  your  height.  To  ensure  you  get  the  most  accurate  results  from your  test  then  you  are suppose  to at least  attempt  all  the  questions with honesty that  the  test  will  provide.

A  snapshot report  will  be  provided  for  you  once  you  are  through  with test, this  will  consist  of an  introduction,  a graph plus  a  personalized explanation for  each  of  your  scores.  Other  than  that it  will give  you  an option to even  buy more  results.

The  following  are  the  common  eating  disorder  that  we  will  look  at  in this  article:

Types  of  eating  disorders

This  disorder are  complicated and  potentially  devastating,  the  fact  that  they  are  cause  by a  complex  combination of  factors,  like  the  genetic, psychological, biochemical, environmental  and  even cultural factors.

Though  many  misconceptions  have  been  raised  about  the  eating  disorders  but  the  truth  of  the  matter  is, researcher  have  not  yet archived  in  the  identification of  the  causes  but they  are  able  to  identify  the  individuals  who are  susceptible to  the  eating  disorder.

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