Different Kinds Of Yoga

By | July 29, 2015

different kinds of yoga

What Is Best For You?

From almost five thousand years ago, there was nothing named yoga, but thanks to the great Indian culture that gave us that amazing and wonderful thing, Yoga.
You know some people might see yoga as a sport, some other consider yoga as a since, some might see it as an art. They are all correct, the truth is yoga is all of that; it is a way of life.Yoga is all about uniting the individual consciousness with the universal one. It means that yoga is all about forming a bond between your body and your spirit, by some certain moves that has some psychological and physical impacts on you. That is why we considered yoga as a sport, since, art and even a philosophy.
The beauty of yoga lies in its simplicity, everyone can do yoga. By everyone we mean you never need to be super flexible that you can touch your toe with your head flipped backward to do yoga. Trust me;you just need your mat and a yoga instructor. One other amazing thing about yoga is that it is not a one style art; there are different kinds of yoga depending on your needs. Those different kinds of yoga are set according to the different needs of people. Some people do yoga to maintain spiritual balance, some others do it for relaxation, and the amazing fact is that there are some people do yoga for fitness and weight loss. That is why there are different kinds of yoga.

different kinds of yoga

  • The different kinds of yoga:
    Few years ago, choosing a yoga class was not such a complicated process, you only had to grab your mat, and your water bottle and go to the gym. But hold on, since that any science can and yet must evolve, yoga found its way from evolution too. Over the past years, yoga has developed to fit more and more of the human needs. Surfing a yoga types catalog,you now might find Ananda yoga, Anusara yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Power yoga, Hatha yoga, Bikram yoga, ISHTA yoga, Kali ray tri yoga, restorative yoga and a lot more. The amazing fact is that not all of these yoga kinds are from India; some other countries and cultures have contributed to developing yoga, they also added some technology so that yoga classes can seem even better and deliver to you the maximum benefits.
  • From all these kinds, what is best for me?
    It is now more important than ever to choose your yoga class carefully. I know it is super difficult to choose a yoga class when there is almost eight hundred yoga style or even more in front of you in all yoga studios. Well, let us just agree that all these yoga styles can give you strength, flexibility and balance but not all can give you your health goal. So as a first step while choosing a yoga class, set your health goals. And the second step of course is to understand these yoga kinds and their benefits. Of course you do not have to understand all the eight hundred styles, only understand those different kinds of yoga and you can agree on the styles with your instructor later. For example, if you are a beginner and only looking for relaxation you can choose Hatha yoga, it is proved that Hatha yoga can help people reduce stresses and maintain relaxation. It is also of some simple moves, so it will be easy for you.different kinds of yoga
    And if you are looking for caloric burn and heat loss, you can try Ashtanga yoga and power yoga. These two yoga kinds can give you the regular benefits of yoga with a weight loss advantage. This amazing yoga works on heating up your body through the fast transition between moves. It is really recommended for those who are looking for weight loss and relaxation.But if you are looking for super relaxation and pain relieving, then yin yoga will be the best yoga kind for you. Obviously from the name, this yoga combines yoga moves with the yin-yang culture. Through simple and slow poses, this yoga really gives you super relaxation.

As a bottom line, there are so many different kinds of yoga, be careful when choosing your yoga class according to your health goals. In the following articles we will tell you more about these yoga kinds; we will explain them in details. So just stay tuned for more.

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