Diet Plans and usual Mistakes

By | May 17, 2015

Have you been dieting in vain, no weight loss whatsoever? It is likely some very small mistakes are pulling you back. The truth is even when on a diet you may think you are eating less but in real sense be loading your body with more calories than you can imagine. Eating less is not dieting doesn’t imply less weight. Actually most people who claim to eat less end up adding more weight. It is the small habits that affect the body’s weight like cravings for food with more calories. Fat loss is a slow process that calls for patience and watching out for food traps and temptations. Be careful not to do so much damage in the name of dieting.

Dieting Mistakes

Dieting Mistakes

Let’s start with skipping meals, lunch for example. At the end of that day your spouse takes you to a dinner date. Obviously you will be super hungry. After that sweet smelling and eye catching food is placed on the table you will not the resist the temptation to eat all you can. In the process you will end up loading your body with so many calories the very thing you thought you were dealing with when you skipped that meal earlier.

Another mistake is going to the extremes to eat low calorie food for a long period of time. This can be dangerous in that it causes a stressful environment in your body. Obviously you will engage in intense exercise routines sending your body’s cortisol to an alarming level. When Cortisol stays high for a long time your blood sugar will not be well managed. This may lead to diabetes and obesity all together. This means you have to be careful on how you take your calories and how to burn the effectively for a healthier body to avoid further complications.

Have you ever looked at a person eating and wondered, what’s all the rush? It’s like they are in hot dog ingesting competition or something. You need to enjoy your meal no matter how tight your schedule is. They way we eat should allow the body to savor what you take, feel the food’s taste in your mouth and eat to your satisfaction. When you eat slowly your stomach will obviously give you the signal when you are full and you will feel satisfied and comfortable.

Building muscles and keeping the ones you already have is determined by how much proteins you take. It is essential for the lean mass of the body and repairing tissues. It is advisable to eat as much protein as you can, the results will be impressive. Women aged 17 to 70 years of age are advised to take about 49 grams of protein everyday. Men in the same age bracket on the hand are advised to take 56 grams of protein. Professionals think this is the minimum amount for both, so you can see just how much protein you need to consume. That one egg you take every morning can never be enough to sustain your growing body.

Following a diet plan can really be taxing and if you are not careful you find yourself jumping over the plan, more like skipping. Skipping can come in the form of trying new recipes and new diets. This way you cannot know what works best for you and what doesn’t making it hard to analyze results. Diet results may be different depending on your genetic makeup and the type of food you eat. The human body is made in a way it learns a diet curve naturally depending on your eating habit. In some people change can be drastic while in other people change can be fast. The best advice is to stick to one diet plan for like 10 to 12 weeks and see how it works for your body before you changing to another.

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