Detox Diets Demystified

By | June 5, 2015

Diet can be described as the sum of the food that is consequently consumed by an organism or a person altogether. Dietary habits emanate from the regular decisions that a culture or an individual incorporates in the event of choosing on the foods to consume. Diet often refers to the intake of nutrition for the purpose of weight management reasons or health reasons altogether. This essay seeks to discuss these aspects with consideration to some of the diets practices that induce a negative perspective especially with reference to health. These types of food preferences that result to unhealthy practices may be excluded in references to ethical reasons or personal tastes from which one may describe dietary habits as an endeavor that depends on ethical reasons or personal tastes and are distinctive in that most individual dietary choices may be viewed as healthy depending on varied considerations.


Nonetheless, good nutrition involves the absorption or ingestion of food energy in the perspective of fats, proteins and carbohydrates; and minerals along with vitamins from which it becomes eminent that these choices or habits orient on the consequent longevity, health and quality of life. The latter is highly associated with lifestyles and religion altogether. Eating disorders in this endeavor refer a mental phenomenon that consequently interferes with the normal consumption of food and involves excessive or insufficient diet.

The process of nutrition involves the interaction of substances found in food and nutrients with an organism that is with considerations to relevant aspects such as disease, health, reproduction, growth and maintenance and may involve catabolism, bio-synthesis, assimilation, intake and absorption. The consequent diet of an organism is the foods that the organism eats and has a determinant aspect on the availability of the foods along with their consequent processing and palatability altogether. Non-healthy diets bring about a negative perspective and thereby it becomes necessary to associate a healthy diet with the preparation of food with reference to the storage methods that constitute the preservation of nutrients from aspects such as heating, leaching and oxidation in a bid to reduce food-borne illnesses that are consequently associated with the latter.


A healthy diet may maintain or improve the optimal health an aspect that calls for people to maintain a normal weight, an aspect that involves limiting the intake of energy dense foods and sugary drinks and consequently eat plant based foods while limiting on the consumption of processed meat, alcohol and red meat altogether. A poor diet may result to injurious impacts on the consequent health and is highly associated with deficiency diseases such as preterm birth, scurvy, anemia, blindness, cretinism, stillbirth and obesity. Moreover, metabolic syndrome can also emanate from the same as a health threatening condition. From this perspective, chronic systemic diseases may also be as a result of poor diet and may present diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.

healthy diet

From this perspective, a healthy diet that comprises of the three main macronutrients is quite necessary from which they constitute water, proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The macronutrients work by providing the structural material and energy altogether. Carbohydrates and fats respectively constitute of oxygen, hydrogen and carbon atoms that bring about fatty acids in the process of metabolism. Good diet comprises the intake of fiber from which the latter undergoes limited metabolism though the latter is largely associated with digestibility since the latter depends on the large carbohydrate polymer that is quite indigestible in humans. Apparently, dieting should comprise of eating food in a regular manner in a bid to maintain, decrease or increase body weight. These aspects may be supplemented with taking on physical exercises in a bid to lose on weight or gain on weight based on personalities.

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