Depression during Pregnancy: Causes and Consequences

By | April 20, 2015

Waiting for the baby is always a joy. Especially emotionally passes waiting firstborn. A woman pays attention to your body. Under close control are all body systems. Unfortunately, this period is characterized not only elevated mood and expectation of a miracle. Depression during pregnancy is a very common phenomenon.

Depression during Pregnancy - Causes and Consequences

Depression during Pregnancy – Causes and Consequences

Symptoms and Causes of Depression

The most common symptoms include tearfulness, apathy, tearfulness, loss of interest in life, the sad state. These signs have a negative impact on the body formed fetus, therefore it is necessary to deal with depressive symptoms. First of all, it is necessary to eliminate the factors that provoke the development of depression. Possible reasons should include the following:

  • Severe fatigue;
  • Exercise, too much for a pregnant woman, especially, this is often in the later stages;
  • Financial problems;
  • Family discord;
  • Unhappiness;
  • Lack of care or custody of the excess from relatives;
  • Isolation from friends;
  • Lack of domestic comfort.

By the thought of the impending motherhood woman gets used quite a long time, and if all this is the above factors, the situation could grow significantly worse. Of great importance is the hormonal level, his abrupt change provokes acute perception of reality.

Plays a role toxicosis. Sometimes it because the woman is completely exhausting physically, it loses much of its weight, it is getting worse overall physical condition. In addition, due to objective reasons it is not available now, many activities that were commonplace before pregnancy.

There will be a very important support for loved ones who have to help her realize the fact of impending motherhood. Therefore, women who are preparing to leave without the support of a loved men more prone to depression. After all, they have no one to share the responsibility for the frightening future baby. They feel alienated from other people redundant.

If the term is already large, depression during pregnancy has a somewhat different nature. Women develop fears for the outcome of pregnancy, they are constantly concerned about the state of the baby. Woman thinking about how a child is born, if he had malformations, anomalies of a genetic character. Future moms worried about the coming generations. They communicate with women, already passed through it, read this article. Everything that has happened to try on. There is a fear of losing a child. Fear – is the main cause of depression during the third trimester.

Alcoholism, drug addiction (even in the past), continued smoking – these are the factors that trigger the development of depressive states.

Also leads to depression hormonal status in women who were treated with long futility. If relatives have mental disorders, the development of depression in pregnant becomes even more possible. Increase the likelihood of such disorders and violence experienced in childhood.

Measures to address the manifestations of depression

Every woman, knowing about the existence of factors that can trigger depression she should take all measures to avoid the development of the state, to prepare for a steady flow of pregnancy and overcome the disorder.

Measures to address the manifestations of depression

Measures to address the manifestations of depression

A major role is given in this family. When there is a depression in the decree, what to do – this is the main question asked myself around.

The most important thing – it is on the woman waiting for a child full attention. Her wishes should be one of the first places. Relatives should also analyze the behavior of the pregnant woman. After all, not every able to talk about their fears. This may prevent the image of a happy mom, whom everyone expected of her. If the case is severe, you may need antidepressants that prescribed by a doctor. Also, the effectiveness of group therapy.

“In order to overcome fears for child care, it is necessary to attend courses. Also in special courses are preparing for the upcoming birth. They teach breathing techniques, proper behavior. The main thing – do not be alone with these problems. “

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