Depression after Childbirth – Two at Once

By | April 16, 2015

In recent years, more and more children appear with a small age difference, like one after another year by year. And it’s a double burden. Yet you can still be in time, if correctly to make the schedule. If the difference between your children from one year to three years, the mode of course they are very different. After the first three years of baby’s life, his day regimen was changed several times.

Depression after Childbirth

Depression after Childbirth

You do not curl and know how to catch home affairs and to alter the children to look after, and the rest? From this situation there is a way! Proper distribution of cases and the time will help to overcome all difficulties.

Unexpected Help

A small difference in age, children may be a positive thing. The main thing – is to prepare the older child in advance to the emergence of a brother or sister. So you bring up an assistant and will minimize bouts of jealousy to the youngest child.

Unexpected Help

Unexpected Help

Teach her first child to use a spoon. He must have his cutlery and crockery. Start with the fact that during the meal he sits down in front of him and then crumb will repeat your actions.

Encourage your toddler to order effortlessly. Let tot delivers toys to you, and you put them in the basket. Can play: soft toys in a box, plastic, etc. to cart At the same time the baby will develop fine motor skills.

When you see a newborn, an older child have to sleep in a separate room so that they did not wake each other. Therefore it is better, if the senior will get used to it before the birth of the baby. Place the baby and leave the room for half a minute, and then go back and wait until the baby falls asleep. Gradually increase the time of his absence. Gradually, your baby will get used to that mom goes, but always comes back and stop worrying.

Feeding and Sleep

Since the average newborn eat ten to twenty times a day (depending on the type of feeding) and only after a year goes to four or five meals a day, it is necessary to explain the eldest child, that little need to feed often.

Better to captivate toddler play or sit at the table, that he gave you safely feed the younger child. So far, little sleep, take some time to an older child. Talk to him, be sure to explain everything. Try to stack the two children in the evening at one time. So you train them to a single mode of the day, and you will have time for yourself.

Connect to the care of children and husband. For example, fix him a duty to bathe children in turn. So you can better prepare both children to sleep. It would be nice to my husband walked with the kids, then you have time to come home affairs when no one will interfere.

Oldest child wakes up early and needs attention? Put him in the crib when he falls asleep, a favorite toy. And next to the bed put a water bottle with water or tea. Explain that when you sleep with younger, you do not need a reason to wake up. So you will vaccinate the child care of you.

Fun Together

The children who have a slight difference in age to engage and play better together. Firstborn will be fun to play with his mom and baby rattles, cubes, during the game will strengthen your emotional bond with both children. A class that is suitable for an older child will develop both. Only successes younger manifest later.

As soon as you notice that the eldest child stopped trying to touch the brother or sister of the person and take the pen, you can gradually leave them alone. Gradually, the firstborn will play with crumbs and watch its behavior. You will have an assistant and some free time for yourself.

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