Core Power Yoga Uptown

By | August 12, 2015

Core power yoga uptown

The core power yoga up town studio is the best power yoga studio in St Chicago. This amazing core power yoga studio is located in the Uptown on the corner of West Montrose & North Broadway; the Uptown Studio can be conveniently accessed from North Lake Shore Drive. This studio is not much different from all core power yoga studios; it houses three large and amazing yoga rooms with a wide range of amenities. The amenities include changing rooms with showers, private lockers and a large boutique for men and women active wear and sportswear. There is a free but limited parking lot on the site, but on the other hand there is a plenty of street parking. So if you are visiting Chicago or you already live there, I really recommend you go to this fabulous power yoga studio. To check the working hours and see the available classes, you can visit this link

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