Control diabetes with Exercise and Food

By | June 18, 2015

Unfortunately the number of diabetics is on the rise, when we first hear the word diabetes; the first thing that comes to our mind is“deprivation”. We think that diabetes means a life with no sugar, no sweets, no delicate food, no eating in restaurants…etc. But that’s not true at all, if you are a diabetic, I will tell you how to live a healthy, normal life & control diabetes with the fasts, easiest and most safe two ways; exercise and food.

control diabetes


A- Fight with Exercise:

Exercise is life; it’s totally safe and highly recommended, even if you are not a diabetic. Exercise can always help; especially if you’reover weight, you don’t really have to lose all the extra pounds. Doctors say you should lose 5% or 10% from your total weight and it will really help you; as it will lower you blood-pressure and cholesterol levels.

  1. Workouts:
    workouts are essential, the best period is 30 minutes a day. It keeps you refreshed and energetic, it also burns some fats. But if you can’t do the 30 minutes as whole, you can simply break them up into smaller periods, and have some break.


  1. Overall activity:
    workouts are good, but never enough; you also need to increase your general activities. If you have a lazy routine or don’t do many activities a day, you certainly need to change that. Try to do house work or even go for some walks, don’t use the elevator instead you can use stairs; the point is you should always be in a move.


There are also some Tips that can help you exercise:

  1. Join a class; or even exercise with some friends, it always can encourage you and give you better results. Exercising in a group is fun, so you can enjoy your time while exercising.
  2. Set goals; like walking 10 minutes a day, or losing 10 pounds a month. But always remember, your goals have to be measurable and attainable as well, don’t set high goals with high expectations, and whatever your goal is always write it down. If you know where you’re heading, you can go there faster.

B- Fight with food:

There are some sort of food that is found to be naturally diabetes resistant. It means you have to eat to control diabetes, well … how fascinating is that?! 😀
Those foods contain natural ingredients that returns your blood sugar level to normal, or do something that leads to that; such as burning fats.

healthy food


  1. Oatoat mealmeal:
    As we all know, oatmeal is a fat burner, it’s preferable for those who wants to lose weight. It’s also known for its magical ability to control sugar in blood, so I really recommend it.


Green Beans

  1. Broccoli, Spinach, and Green Beans:
    they are non-starchy vegetables, high in fibers and low in carbohydrates. They will kip you full and satisfied and preserve your sugar level in blood.



  1. StrawberriesStrawberries:
    Some fear strawberries for their sweetness, well it’s somehow true. Too many strawberries will not be good, but only a cup of strawberries will make a perfect snack. They’re low in calories and carbohydrates.



  1. Sparkling water:Sparkling water
    it could be a great replacement for soda water, as we know soda water is a disaster, it’s highly reach in sugar and sodium. Also diet soda could be sometimes unbearable. Sparkling water could give you the great taste with no sugar or calories.




  1. Cinnamon:
    Lately cinnamon was thought to be a spice that may have insulin in the essence, so it will be great if you used cinnamon in the food. Cinnamon could be added almost to everything, sweet, sour, salted… etc. so you really should give it a try.


  1. Lean meats:Lean meats

Lean meats are high in protein and low in fats, it’s preferable way more than normal meat, so if you are a meat lover, make sure your eating lean meats. They can make you full, satisfied and it will never play with your sugar level.



  1. Salmon:
    Salmon is the most preferable fish meat for diabetics, it is high in protein, low in carbohydrates and will always preserve your sugar level, just make sure you are having a fat free salmon.

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