Completeness: Good or Bad

By | April 17, 2015

Judging by today’s standards of beauty, the princess cannot be thick. That is, if it is not included in the parameters of 90-60-90, it is no longer a princess.

Completeness - Good or Bad

Completeness – Good or Bad

But, nevertheless, it can be anything, but on the condition that the prince can catch it and save it from the evil dragon. The latter, incidentally, is not dependent on the weight of the girls, and the strength of the young man. Actually, these princes know that to lose weight you need to Princess only if the fullness gives her fully enjoy life.

The dangers of excess weight

Experts warn that obesity can be fraught with the following diseases:

  • Increased levels of cholesterol in the blood, causing blood vessels lose their elasticity and become narrower;
  • Hypertension;
  • The development of cardiovascular disease;
  • Diabetes;
  • Some cancers.

American doctors conducted studies and found that overweight women heart disease appear to seven years earlier than maintain a healthy weight.

A good man should be a lot

But what is interesting: not all owners of the extra pounds should worry about their health. Obesity, International graduation, the excess mass of bodies by five points, and the rest – only a sense of proportion and taste. So if you cannot get into your favorite skirt, can be much wiser not to sit on a grueling diet and just buy a new one.

Especially because there are new studies. Scientists from Atlanta found that plump live longer than their skinny friends. According to psychologists, body fat, but not excessive, prolong life. Mortality among overweight people of any gender lower than among their peers with a weight below the norm or the relevant standards and what to hide, much higher than normal. What is the reason, researchers do not explain.

Communication fat and Beauty

Most likely, as other scholars believe, the fat layer protects the heart by absorbing harmful fatty acids. And accumulates on the belly fat has a large number of adiponectin, preventing clogged arteries and suppress inflammation. In addition, the presence of fat in women indicates a sufficient amount of estrogen in her body that are responsible for appeal.

However, this does not mean that the princess can absorb tons of sweets and baked to enhance beauty and improve health. One thing is certain – you just need to love yourself. If a female believes that those extra pounds around her create a cloud of pheromones and she, so dazzling, then they do not need to reset. But as soon as will feel that being overweight has become a hinder, then you should immediately take care of herself.

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