Coffee weight loss, zero calorie drink

By | July 7, 2015

Coffee for weight loss, is that true? I am sure we all drink coffee, but we don’t always lose weight, and that is because it depends on the type of coffee you drink in your regular day, an ordinary cup of coffee has only two calories and it does not have any fats, but of course you do not just drink coffee like that, you add some extras to your coffee, whether you drink it in your home or in coffee shop, you start adding sugar or milk, and one teaspoon of table sugar contains 49 calories, so I really think you should again before adding sugar to your coffee if you want to lose weight, but how does coffee help you lose weight?

coffee and weight loss

  • How does coffee help you lose weight?
    Coffee for weight loss
    , how does it work? Coffee contains caffeine, which is known as the most consumed drug in the world, people often drink caffeine to boost their energy, but studies have shown that caffeine can help you lose weight; caffeine can stimulate your metabolism so you will be burning much more calories than usual, and it will also suppress your appetite, so you won’t be eating a lot, coffee for weight loss is considered as one of the keys of losing fats quickly, because coffee strengthen the benefits of any exercise you do, so it is preferred to be taken before working out, so when you take it before working out it will give you energy to work out longer and harder.
  • How to make coffee for weight loss efficient?
  • drink coffee moderately

Too much of something is bad, so make sure you drink coffee moderately, drinking too much coffee can increase your stress levels and cause you insomnia, both are so dangerous for you because they can lead to overeating problems, and I am sure you do not want that, it will be coffee for weight gain not coffee for weight loss, so make sure you drink one or two cups a day not more.


  • No more cream or sugar

No more cream or sugarIf you want to lose weight you should forget the cream and the sugar, coffee is a zero calorie drink, but when you add cream or sugar you are obviously adding so much calories, and of course you don’t want to do that if you want to lose weight, if you want your coffee weight loss efficient and useful, you should drink it with no extras, If you cannot handle the taste of the black coffee, try adding skim milk and sugar-free sweeteners instead


  • get rid of the specialty coffee beverages

Drinking flavored espresso in a coffee shop is so much worse than adding cream or sugar, these drinks usually contain large amounts of milk and flavored sugar syrups and can contain as many calories as a whole meal, so you should avoid drinking coffee in a coffee shop, coffee for weight loss is the one you make at home with no extras calories.

  • drink coffee after dinner to reduce cravings

Like what I said earlier, drinking coffee suppresses your appetite, so when you drink coffee after your dinner meal, it will suppresses your appetite and it will reduce your cravings for dessert or other late-night snack foods before bed, that is why coffee for weight loss is very efficient, as it will help you lose your extra pounds and lose fats quickly, but make sure you brush your teeth after drinking your coffee.

  • Drink coffee before working out

Make sure you drink coffee an hour before working out, as you all know drinking coffee increases your metabolism and boosts your energy, so when you drink it before working out or doing exercises will really help you lose weight, as it will make you train harder than usual, coffee can also help decrease joint and muscle pain, but make sure you drink it an hour before working out not immediately before exercising, as the acid coupled with the agitation from exercise may lead to an upset stomach.

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