Coconut oil, what a miracle!

By | July 24, 2015

unrefined coconut oil

what a miracle!

You may have tried cooking with butter or grease, but then switched to oils because they are lighter and better for your health. Well you are right, no one can doubt that. Oils are much better for your health. Going along with this fact, in this article we will talk about one of the best oils ever. Coconut oil is thought to be one of the best natural oils, you may be using coconut oil for regular cooking but you surely do not know that this oil is a miracle. The benefits of this oil is way much important than being only used in ordinary cooking. For example, coconut oil for hairgrowth is magical; you can’t even imagine how coconut oil can help your hair. And from your hair to your dog, coconut oil for dogs is being widely used for all dog keepers. But what is it that makes this oil a miracle? And what are the benefits of this wonderful oil? Want to find out? Stay with us in the following lines.

  • Coconut oil, an over view:
    Coconut oil is also known as copra oil; is that type of oil extracted from the meat of the coconut fruit which grows in coconut palms. You surely know that coconut oil is edible oil and you may find it in the solid form. That is because coconut oil solidifies easily in room temperature as it consists of high saturated fats. Coconut oil has a suitable expiry date; it preserves its state and resists spoiling up to six months at room temperature.
    When you are at the supermarket and buying your grocery, you may coincidently come across coconut oil shelves. You like the idea of switching to healthy oil and like the idea of cooking with coconut oil, so you stopped a little browsing the shelves and then you got lost. And started wandering “what are these coconut oils?, What should I choose?, Refined or unrefined coconut oil?”. You do not have to worry, we are here to help.
  • Refined and unrefined coconut oil:
    Too many studies have been made on the refined and unrefined coconut oil, so in the following lines we will try to sum it all up to you.
    From the word “refined” it is crystal clear that refined coconut oil is that sort of oil that has been processed a lot until it reached the clearest version of it. And accordingly, the unrefined coconut oil is that oil that is not as clear as the refined coconut oil. But what is it that makes some people choose unrefined coconut oil over the refined, why do not they only buy the refined one?. Well, the truth is the unrefined coconut oil is much better than refined coconut oil.coconut oil for hair growth
  • Unrefined coconut oil:
    unrefined coconut oil
    or even some people call it “pure coconut oil”, is a crude oil that has not been processed or even filtered. Unrefined coconut oil does not contain any additives; it is not bleached or changed by any mean.
    The unrefined coconut oil is better than refined coconut oil in the taste; it is way tastier than the refined one. Also the flavor of the unrefined coconut oil is much better, being unrefined preserves its natural flavor. Moreover, unrefined coconut oil is richer in nutrients than the refined coconut oil because it did not pass through these variable processes of refining. Last but not least, unrefined coconut oil is totally natural oil since it did not pass through chemical processing. Some of the drag points of the unrefined coconut oilare that it is not always available and costlier than refined coconut oil.
  • Coconut oil is added to food for energy.
  • Coconut oil is used as skin softener.
  • Coconut oil is used as natural makeup remover.
  • Coconut oil is used to stretch the skin.
  • Coconut oil is used to kill yeast and prevent yeast infection.
  • Coconut oil is used in dog’s food.
  • Coconut oil is used for hair benefits.coconut oil for hair growth

Listing up the benefits and uses of coconut oil is not enough, so we will talk about the last two benefits of this miracle.

  • Coconut oil for hair growth
    coconut oil is widely known for its numerous benefits for hair, coconut oil can fix the damaged hair, it can reduce hair loss, it also can work as hair conditioner, coconut oil resists dandruff and provides a protection layer for lice, last but not least coconut oil can fight baldness.
    Coconut oil for hairgrowth is the most shining benefit of coconut oil, and the reasons behind that are coconut oil can shield in hair protein, it also moisturize the hair, improves the blood circulation, provide it with all essential nutrients and contain important anti-bacterial; for all these reasons, coconut oil for hair growth is considered to be a trusted technique.
    But how could we use coconut oil for hair growth?
    Using coconut oil for hairgrowth is so simple, follow the following steps and I guarantee you a long and strong hair.
  1. Warm the oil gently until it completely melts.
  2. Run warm water all over your hair.
  3. Put some oil in your hands and apply on your hair.
  4. Massage gently for about five minutes.
  5. Cover your hair with any cover like shower caps.
  6. Stay covered for twenty to thirty minutes, you only need to be patient.
  7. Wash off the oil with your regular shampoo.

coconut oil for dogs

  • Coconut oil for dogs:
    You may be surprised by this title, how could coconut oil work for dogs?. Well, believe it or not, coconut oil has numerous benefits for dogs. Coconut oil for dogs can work for dogs’ skin, it can improve their immune system, it also can enhance their bone structure and brain health. Still doubting? Here is why coconut oil for dogs is used all over the world.
  1. Coconut oil for dogs improves dogs’ skin properties and prevents various infections such as eczema.
  2. Coconut oil for dogs moisturizes dogs’ skin, make it glow with health. You can whether add it to the food or to its bath.
  3. If your dog suffers any wounds or cuts, you can simply apply coconut oil over the wound and wait for it to heal.
  4. Coconut oil for dogs is used also to resist the smell of your dog, as it can fight the doggy odor of your precious.
  5. Coconut oil for dogs can also treat yeast infection.
  6. When you add coconut oil to your dog’s food, it improves your dog’s ability to absorb nutrients and improves the digestion process over all.
  7. Dogs could have diabetes, but adding coconut oil to your dog’s food could reduce the chances of having a diabetic dog.

With these benefits I bet the doubts are gone, you now have to rush in the nearest supermarket and buy coconut oil.

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