Cleanse for Weight loss

By | June 27, 2015

There may be thousands of reasons for getting obese and thousands of ways of getting rid of obesity.

Are toxic substances making you fat and obese?

You are well aware of a lot of health hazards of toxic substances and chemicals. Have you ever thought they might be your reason of getting fat?

It is a big factor that adds extra mass to your body and makes you fat and obese If we somehow manage to get rid of these toxic substances from our body; it will be effective to loose weight.

Dr Mark Hyman says!

“Scientists recently uncovered a surprising and disturbing fact: environmental toxins make you fat and cause diabetes. Inside the body, these chemicals monkey with our ability to balance blood sugar and metabolize cholesterol. Over time, the changes can lead to insulin resistance. – Dr. Mark Hyman”

What chemicals cause weight gain?

  • Petrochemicals
  • Pesticides
  • Fire retardant chemicals
  • Detergents
  • Heavy metals
  • Chemicals in cosmetics
  • Food sprays

How to avoid exposure to chemical?

Try to make use of natural products for cosmetics and cleansing. You can lessen exposure to chemicals by wearing mask

wearing mask

A research has also shown that paints and dyes on your walls also contain toxic substances that can cause weight gain in some people even they cause weight gain in babies as well. Getting fat with toxic substances is much dangerous then any other cause of getting fat. It does not let your hormones to work properly. That’s why we should get rid of these toxic and chemical substances as soon as possible. Many detox drinks are there that help us to get rid off and o detoxify toxic substances present in the body. This way we can get smart and slim by loosing weight.

How toxic substances cause weight gain?

Toxic substances directly attack on your body’s natural weight control system and make it defective. It makes it unable to control the weight. Moreover it badly affects the metabolism and slows down natural fat burning system of our body resulting fats get deposited on our body and we get fat and obese.

What is the solution?

Solution for these toxic chemical substances is very simple and it is Cleanse for Weight loss. Cleanse for weight loss can be done by drinking detox drinks. Here are some recipes for detox drinks.


Green detox drink:

INGREDIENTS                                                           QUANTITY

Carrots                                                                            3

Kale leaves                                                                     3

Celery stalks                                                                  2

Beets                                                                               2

Turnip                                                                             1

Spinach                                                                         ½ bunch

Cabbage                                                                        ½

Parsely                                                                           ½

Onion                                                                            ½

Garlic                                                                             2 cloves


Green detox drink











Add all the ingredients in the blender add water and blend it. Detox drink is ready


Lemon juice:

Lime has great advantages for health. It is  anti toxic. It leaves refreshing effects on your body.

lemon juice


INGREDIENTS                                                           QUANTITY

lemon                                                                             2

water                                                                              1 glass

salt                                                                                  1/4 teaspoon

sugar                                                                              2 teaspoons

ice cubes                                                                       2 to 3


Take a glass full of water. Squeeze lemon 2 lemons into the glass. Add 1/4 teaspoon of salt and two tablespoons of sugar into it. Stir with the help of a spoon until sugar and salt get dissolved in the water. Add ice cubes into it. Your lemon Juice recipes for weight loss are ready to be drunk by you. Always drink fresh lemon juice. To make it in the glass is the easiest and quickest way of making juice.


Fruit detox drink:

Fruit detox drink


INGREDIENTS                                                           QUANTITY

Orange juice                                                              2 oz

Water                                                                          4 oz

Yogurt                                                                          ½ cup

Ginger                                                                           ½ inch

Ginger clove                                                                   1

Flax oil                                                                         1 teaspoon

Lecithin granules                                                       1 teaspoon

Lemon juice                                                                 1 tablespoon

Protein powder                                                           1 tablespoon


Add all the above ingredients in the food processor. Process it for 1 minute. Pour into the glass.

Other ways to cleanse for weight loss:

  1. Eat fibrous fruits
  2. Cleanse the liver by taking the herbs.
  3. Intake vitamin C which produces a hormone in the body which fights toxic substances.
  4. Take deep breaths.
  5. Think positive and stay happy
  6. Release stress
  7. Take steam to allow your body to sweat which will eliminate toxic chemicals and other harmful substances from your body.
  8. Do exercise

These all these ways will help you to get rid of harmful and toxic substances.


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