Christian Bale weight loss

By | July 2, 2015

Christian Bale is an English actor. He works in English movies. He was born on 30 January 1974.He started his first project at the age of 13 where he played the role of Steven Spielberg’s Empire of the Sun in 1987.He has two children.

Christian Bale weight loss story

Christian Bale weight loss

Christian Bale weight loss story is very interesting as well as very different. As we have seen many people who are struggling to lose weight just because they have put on too much weight but that was not the case with Christian Bale. Christian Bale shocked the public by his being so thin in his movie ‘The Machinist’. So his weight loss was to fit in his movie role.

Why he lost weight?

He lost his weight for his role in his psychological thriller movie ‘The Machinist’. He loose more than 60 pounds in order to become perfect fit for his role in the said movie. Later on he again gained the weight to play another role in his next movie. He is very committed and dedicated to his work. He rapidly transforms his weight by loosing and gaining it according to demand of his role in the films.

How much weight he lost?

He lost 63 pounds in 4 months. Oscar winning actor Christian Bale trimmed down 63 pounds within four months to play role in his thriller movie ‘The Machinist’. He is very keen about his role. He does anything to perfectly fit in the role. Because of his hard work and honesty with is work he has been nominated for various award and had won many awards.

Christian weight loss diet:

The Christian Bale weight loss diet includes

  • An apple
  • Can of tuna fish
  • Black coffee
  • Water

He used Anne Hathaway’s weight loss strategy aof eating just two thin squares of dried oatmeal paste.

Why he used that diet

he used this diet because it is very low in calories. Moreover it boosts and improves the metabolism. Apples are high in sugar and pectin and hence they help in curbing an appetite. Coffee increases metabolism that is why he used that diet.

What does he do for his roles?

He repeatedly gains and looses weight for his weight loss

What other things he does:

  • Drinks a lot of coffee
  • Smokes cigarettes
  • Eats salads

Christian’sChristian bale weight loss role in the movie

His role in the movie ‘The Machinist’ required him to look very thin. Where Bale played the role of a machinist who was suffering from the disease insomnia because of which he gets thin. That was the reason why his role in that movie demands him to look thin. As most people with insomnia lose weight .Before film started, he had to look like a person who has suffered from insomnia and had got thin due to this disease. Christian weight was 173 pounds before and had to use a weight loss routine to lose his weight and become 110 pounds.


Exercises and workouts

To speed up the weight loss process, he did exercise and workouts very hard. His exercises and workouts include following

  • Intensive resistance
  • Weight training workouts
  • Rigorous cardio workouts.

Supplements for weight loss

In addition to the workouts, exercises and diet plan for weight loss, he took vitamin supplements every day. For his next role in another movie named ‘Batman Begins’,he gained 100 pounds, which increased his weight up to 230 pounds. According to his role he gained too much weight for being fit in the role because the director, Christopher Nolan said him to exercise and diet again to reduce his weight to 190 pounds, in order to fit main character, Bruce Wayne. In this way Christian keeps on loosing and gaining weight for his roles.

For the 2013 movie ‘American Hustle’ once again Christian gained 40 pounds and his weight reached up to 230 pounds for his role. He gained that much weight by eating much amount of junk food, particularly cheeseburgers. Christian Bale weight loss strategy has worked for him. But the tuna and apple diet is only recommended for extremely overweight, fat or obese people under medical supervision and with consultation of doctor. Moreover it should be used for no more than 12 weeks.

That was Christian Bale weight loss story. He rapidly loses and gains weight but generally it is recommended that it is not healthy to lose and gain weight so fast. It has bad effect on health.

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