Chia seeds weight loss for women

By | June 27, 2015

We all have heard of the Mayan people and how great they were, and how their culture was full of wanders and superstitious as well. But not all of us know that the Mayan culture gave us the mankind biggest discovery, which is “chia seeds for weight loss”.
Chia, which means strength is an edible seed, grows in Mexico in the desert. It’s thought that this culture used chia seed as an energy booster, which is found now –after research- to be true.
The special about chia seed is that it’s an unprocessed food which can be absorbed by the body directly. Moreover, two tablespoons of chia seed contains one hundred thirty ninecalories, four grams of protein, nine grams of fat, twelve grams of carbohydrates and eleven grams of fiber, in addition to vitamins and minerals. The special flavor of chia seeds makes adding them to food or drink possible, they could be added to a lot of stuff; yogurt, smoothies, bakeries, sandwiches … etc.
As weigh loss for women became a major problem, such a seed can do great help for them.

Chia Seeds Weight Loss

Chia seeds for weight loss:

Chia seeds for weight loss especially for women, is an effective technique, may be chia seeds are not a natural fat burner seeds but it surely helps in losing weight, it has numerous advantages that makes it on the top list of weight loss techniques. So what is it that makes chia seeds for weight loss a working technique?

Chia seeds for weight loss as an effective technique:

Chia seeds are one of the healthiest foods on the plant, those tiny little seeds are full of nutrients that benefits your body and brain, the following points will illustrates the pros of these seeds and why we prefer chia seeds for weight loss.


  1. MassiveAmount of Nutrients with Very Few Calories:
    Chia seeds can deliver a massive amount of nutrients to your body, twenty eight grams of chia seeds contains [Fibers of eleven grams – Protein of four grams – Fat of ninegrams ( fife of which are Omega-3) – Calcium of eighteen percent of the RDA – Manganese of thirty percent of the RDA – Magnesium of thirty percent of the RDA – Phosphorus of twenty seven percent of the RDA – a decent amount of Zinc, Vitamin B3 , Potassium, Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B2], so that chia seeds are one of the amazing super foods.

Massive Amount of Nutrients


  1. Chia Seeds are Loaded With Antioxidants:                                               Chia seeds have high amount of antioxidants, which helps your body get rid of toxics it also prevent the presence of damaged cells in your body such and diseases such as cancer.


  1. Chia seeds are full of fibers:
    When we look at the nutrition facts of those seeds we find that they are full of carbohydrates, however, those carbohydrates are all fibers so they aren’t digested by the body and always keep you full and satisfied. Fibers also don’t raise our blood sugar level.


  1. Chia Seeds Are High in Quality Protein:
    fourteen percent of chia seeds’ weight is protein, which makes them a perfect source of protein. We all know that protein is weight loss best friend; protein is thought to be a perfect aid for anyone who wants to lose weight.


  1. Chia seeds help you lose weight:
    Many dieticians and food experts believe that chia seeds as a weight loss technique for women is perfect. Because of its amazing nutrition facts chia seeds are thought to be one of the best foods for weight loss.
  • Fibers in the seeds: Those fibers once delivered to your stomach absorb water and expand, so they give you a feeling of fullness and make you satisfied.
  • Protein in the seeds: protein is known to have an effect on your appetite, it reduces your need for food, consequently will reduce food intake.
  • Improves exercise performance: back to the Mayan people, their athletes used those seeds as energy booster, so you could use those seeds in your drink as it will boost your energy and helps you to exercise more.


As a bottom line, though researches and experiments proved that chia seeds have no significant effect on weight loss, they improve your health, strengthen your body and deliver great amount of nutrients to your body. So those seeds will surely help.

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