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Antidepressants that cause weight loss, harmful or not

When you feel depressed you go to the doctor and you start taking antidepressants medicines, but the problem is when we take antidepressants, we start gaining weight and extra pounds, most of the antidepressants medicines lead to fatness, Gaining weight may cause a person to lose confidence and actually may contribute to them feeling depressed again, researches have… Read More »

Coffee weight loss, zero calorie drink

Coffee for weight loss, is that true? I am sure we all drink coffee, but we don’t always lose weight, and that is because it depends on the type of coffee you drink in your regular day, an ordinary cup of coffee has only two calories and it does not have any fats, but of course you do… Read More »

Vitamin D and weight loss, examined in new study

Vitamin D is a very important fat-soluble nutrient, actually it is one of the twenty four micronutrients that human cannot survive without, vitamin D is found naturally in eggs and fish, you can also find it in some dairy product,  vitamin D has so many health benefits, as it increase your Cognition, immune health and bone health, researches… Read More »

Gluten free diet weight loss, helpful or waste of time

One of the most famous diets is gluten free diet for weight loss. When it comes to weight loss you want to try every possible way in front of that will help, but at the same time you need to make sure that whatever you try is effective and will do the job. Gluten free diet for weight… Read More »

Breastfeeding and weight loss, magical weight loss

When a woman gets pregnant, she definitely gets fat, and that is because she eats a lot and this stuff, but after she gives birth, she remains fat, many of you wonder why?  Mostly, because she doesn’t breastfeed her child, breastfeeding is very important to your baby, researches have shown that it can boost baby’s brainpower, and it… Read More »

Cayenne pepper weight loss, fat-blasting strategy

Cayenne pepper, a very special pepper with many other names like Guinea spice, cow horn pepper, red hot chili pepper, aleva, bird pepper, and also red pepper. This wonderful, daring and very special pepper grows in many locations and need a short time to mature. This wonderful cayenne pepper is used in many dishes as a spice or… Read More »

Phentermine weight loss

Phentermine is a medication which comes under the category of anorectic. It is used with a doctor-approved exercise, behavior change, and low calorie diet program to help you reduce weight. It is used by overweight people and helps them get rid of extra weight and other obesity related diseases and health problems like heart attacks, blood pressure and diabetes.… Read More »

John Goodman weight loss

John Goodman is an American actor and comedian. He is well known for his dramatic roles. He is best known for playing Dan Conner on the television series Roseanne, and for this he won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in 1993.He was born on 20 June, 1952. He has been following weight loss strategies since many… Read More »

America Ferrera weight loss

America Ferrera is an American actress. She is well known for her leading role as Betty Suarez on the ABC television comedy-drama series Ugly Betty. She is a famous producer as well. She was born on 18 April, 1984 in Los Angeles, California, United States. She got many awards for his amazing acting in many TV serials and films.… Read More »

Yoga and Weight loss

The term yoga is very vast term, which includes some practices, religion and philosophy. It was originated in India and it consists of physical, mental and spiritual aspects. it was developed around 5th and 6th centuries. There are many advantages of doing yoga. It is a type of exercise as well as meditation. It is the best ever… Read More »