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Breast Cancer And Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

What is breast cancer? Cancer is the condition whereby it gets started when cells begin to grow out of control in a defective way that can not perform the right kind of functionality. Cells in almost any part of the body can get cancerous, and then can spread to other parts or areas of the body. It is… Read More »

Uterine Cancer And Uterine Cancer Symptoms

It is the type of cancer where cancerous cells are formed which are actually abnormal and defective cells. We will discuss its stages, its types, uterine cancer symptoms, its treatment and diagnosis. What is uterine cancer? Uterine cancer is the cancer which is the abnormal or malignant growth of any of the cells that consist of uterine tissues.… Read More »

What Is Lymphoma?

Lymphoma has its name originated from the word lymph. Lymph is the name of nodes that are present in the body. Therefore lymphoma is the cancer of lymph modes. In lymph nodes white blood cells which are also known by the name lymphocytes are produced that protect the body against infections and against foreign invaders. It is more… Read More »

Ovarian Cancer And Signs Of Ovarian Cancer

This type of cancer is related to females because it happens in female organs which are known as ovaries. It leads to infertility in females. We will share with you in this post the causes, symptoms of ovarian cancer, its diagnosis and treatment.  What is ovarian cancer? It is a disease where malignant or cancer cells are found or… Read More »

Throat Cancer And Throat Cancer Synptoms

There are many disorders and diseases of throat similarly its one disease is the throat cancer. In our previous posts we have been sharing with you various types of cancer and their subtypes as well as their causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, risk factors, statistics and survival rate. What is throat cancer? Cancer is a class of diseases where… Read More »

Pancreatic Cancer And Pancreatic Cancer Signs

Some of the people have to suffer from diseases at some point in their life. It is not necessary that every person suffer from disease, people who take care of their health do not suffer from diseases. Disease appears and takes any form. Most chronic disease is the cancer. It also appears in many forms. Cancer may be… Read More »

Lung Cancer And Symptoms Of Lung Cancer

There are many diseases and disorders of the lung. One of them is the lung cancer. This type of cancer is the cancer that starts in the lungs. Lungs are the pair of organs that play an important role in the breathing. When we inhale air it enters in to our lungs where gaseous exchange takes palace and… Read More »

Liver cancer and symptoms of Liver cancer

Liver cancer and symptoms of Liver cancer Most of the people are suffering in the word with various types of cancer. Though treatment is available and almost every type of cancer is curable know with advance technologies and instruments but the battle to fight this disease is really difficult. Most of the people lose hope. However, history bears… Read More »

Skin cancer and types of skin cancer

As cancer may affect any part of the body same way it can affect skin as well. What is skin cancer? Skin cancer is very common. It is usually low grade cancerous that is it has malignant growth in the skin. It gets started from cells that start as normal skin cells and then changes and transforms into… Read More »

Stomach cancer and symptoms stomach cancer

Cancer is caused due to uncontrolled and abnormal growth of cancerous cells. It can start in any of the body parts. In some cases it may take the form of mass of cancerous cells called tumors.  Signs and symptoms of different types of cancer are different. Their method of diagnosis and treatment is also somewhat different. Type of… Read More »