Breastfeeding and weight loss, magical weight loss

By | July 4, 2015

When a woman gets pregnant, she definitely gets fat, and that is because she eats a lot and this stuff, but after she gives birth, she remains fat, many of you wonder why?  Mostly, because she doesn’t breastfeed her child, breastfeeding is very important to your baby, researches have shown that it can boost baby’s brainpower, and it has so many other health benefits,  but it can be helpful for you too, breastfeeding and weight loss are connected to each other, and that great connection between breastfeeding and weight loss is a very good thing for you; that extra weight you gain when you’re pregnant, it’s very useful for both you and your baby, but  after you  give birth,  you can lose it by breastfeeding, which can burn 300-500 calories a day, can you even think of the possibility to magically lose all of your baby weight without even trying? It’s amazing, but it is very important for you when you are breastfeeding to avoid any products with weight loss accelerants or chemicals, as there is a chance these could pass into your milk. The focus should be on excellent nutrition or using products that have been checked by your doctor, breastfeeding and weight loss doesn’t work for some people, maybe it is because they are eating too much calories, I don’t know but you won’t lose if you give it a try.


Breastfeeding and weight loss

  • How does breastfeeding and weight loss work?

I bet you all want to know what the secret between breastfeeding and weight loss is; it’s all in the actual breast milk. It’s a special mixture that consist of immunity-boosters and the required vitamins that will help your baby grow correctly, Since your body isn’t normally creating this mixture, it has to work harder to produce enough to handle the constant demand, so when your body works hard to create this mixture for your baby, it starts losing from 3oo to 5oo calories a day.
another thing, when you are breastfeeding, you are not storing as many calories for yourself, instead, you are passing a lot of them to your baby, and by that you are giving him/her the energy he/she needs.

  • Will breastfeeding and weight loss work for you?

In the beginning I want you all to know something, if you are overweight or obese, breastfeeding and weight loss won’t work that much for you, if you gained more weight than you should have or more than what  your doctor recommended during pregnancy, breastfeeding may not help you get all the way back to your pre-baby weight. That doesn’t mean all is lost, you just have to exercise, so if you want to make sure that breastfeeding and weight loss will work for, just make sure that if you do breastfeed, you don’t use it as an excuse to eat whatever you want, and you Do have to try to remember that your pregnancy weight wasn’t gained overnight so it won’t disappear so easily, so here are some tips to make breastfeeding and weight loss efficient.


Eat Smart

  1. Eat smartly

Eat healthy meals and snacks every few hours, babies generally eat every three or four hours, which means your body needs energy to produce milk, so you have to be eating healthy food often.




  1. Keep yourself hydrated

Drink as much water as you can, just keep drinking liquids, it is so important to your body, your breast milk is 50% water, and don’t forget that water is an important part of the metabolic process, doctors really recommend to drink at least eight ounces after every breastfeeding session around the clock, you just have to keep that in your mind, if you want to lose weight, keep yourself hydrated



  1. Exercise

I know it seems impossible to many of you, but it is very necessary, when your baby takes a nap, try working out, it will help you lose weight faster, Be sure to include both cardio and strength training exercises, working out is very essential for you if you want to lose fats and remain healthy.If you tried this stuff I am sure you will be happy with your body and your health, if you do these three tips, then breastfeeding and weight loss will definitely work for you.

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