Body wraps for weight loss

By | June 25, 2015

It is not necessary that every weight loss method suits you. Might be possible that one weight loss method that helped your friend to loose her pounds so quick that you got impressed and started trying that method but id did not work. There are many people with whom it has happened

That is the reason we have been sharing with you many methods for weight loss that you could choose yourself the method that suits you a lot. The reason why these methods show different effects on different people is that people differ in their sensitivity. For instance if a person takes pills for weight loss then he may be effected by its side effects. Or a person getting acupuncture done for his weight loss may develop viral infection. So there is another way to loose your fats which is called wraps for weight loss. Again like many other methods for weight loss it does not require your much time all you have to do is to wrap it up on the body part where you want to remove your fat and then indulge yourself in your daily routine works and stay calm. You will have nothing to do with it. It will do its work its own. They will not only burn fats but they will shape up your body and figure. And will give you pleasant feelings.

body wrap for weight loss

First time when body wraps were introduce , they were made up of linen. Now a days they are called herbal wraps.

Body wraps for weight loss are done in two ways.

  • At home
  • At centers


How body wrap for weight loss is done at home

Body wraps come in form of belts. Belt like body wraps are very effective in loosing belly fats. Fasten body wrap on your belly. It has attached, it has thermostat attached to it. You can adjust its temperature according to your desire. When belt gets hot it transfer heat to your body. When heat flows from belt to the body gets heat up due to which fats get burnt. And in this way you get rid of belly fats. It is not only meant to be used for belly but you can use it on any part of body like arms or legs. In this way you can get rid of excessive fats in your body. Besides belts body wraps come in many other shapes and forms. While having body wrap keep yourself hydrated by drinking water and keep yourself stress free.



How to make herbal body wrap at home?


body wrap at home









INGREDIENTS                                                          QUANTITY

Salt                                                                                 1 cup

Water                                                                             3 cups

Aloe Vera                                                                       ½ cup

Sunflower oil or olive oil                                          3 tablespoons

Essential oil                                                                   1 to 2 tablespoons

Herbal tea bag                                                              2


Make a mixture by combining all these ingredients. Take a roll of elastic bandage. Dip that bandage thoroughly in that mixture. Wrap yourself with that bandage.

How body wraps for weight loss is done at centers?

body wrap at center

 You are made to lie on a table which is layered with some herbal material. You are then wrapped in body wrap. On the table a thermal blanket is spread. You are asked to remain on the table for 30 minutes. During this time thermal blanked is bulled a bit. That releases heat which flows to you body as a result you start sweating. After sweating you are allowed to cool down slowly. Then your body is rinsed and lotion is applied all over your body

Body wraps soothes your nerves and gives you relaxation and help in detoxifying the toxic substances present in your body. In this way they are proved very effective regarding weight loss.

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