Bikram yoga weight loss

By | July 2, 2015

In our previous post we discussed about yoga, what it is, yoga poses for weight loss. In today’s post we will restrict our self on a special kind of yoga which is called Bikram yoga.

What is Bikram yoga?

It is also known as hot yoga. It includes postures and practices involving breathing and exercise and it is carried out in a room which is heated at high temperature. That is why this type of yoga is also called hot yoga.

Bikram yoga for weight loss

Handle heat

Getting into a hot room to do hot yoga might be an easy thing to do in winter, but it might not be same in summers. In summers it will become difficult for you to get into hot room for yoga when it is already damn hot. But you have to handle the heat if you really want to lose weight. You might want to wipe your sweat, drink water or want to run away from room, but you have to keep focused. If such feeling arise you can handle and control it by breathing. Having narrow escape is not the solution of this problem but facing it and overcoming it is its solution. Though it is pretty difficult, but it is not too difficult. It is the game of your mind; if you once made you mind for Bikram yoga weight loss then you have to stick to it to achieve desired results no matter what happens.

Hydrate yourself before coming to hot room:

If you hydrate yourself before coming to hot room by drinking water beforehand then no need to drink water over and over again will arise and you can focus on your sessions with greater attention and will get greater benefits out of Bikram yoga weight loss. Drink 8 to 9 glass of water before coming to room. But remember do not try to drink water at once while you are getting ready to go for Bikram yoga weight loss. T his quantity of water is meant to be drink in the whole day before coming for yoga. Because drinking too much water at once may upset your stomach and you will not feel comfortable while doing Bikram yoga weight loss.


What to eat before yoga:

It is said by a yoga expert that, do not eat anything before two hours of Bikram yoga weight loss. A full stomach will make you feel uncomfortable while doing yoga and expanding and contracting muscles it may disturb your poses as well. That’s why it is recommended not to eat anything before two hours. But aim is not to keep you hungry. If you remain hungry during the session then where does energy for doing yoga will come from? It is recommended that eat half a banana and a cup of applesauce before starting the session as it will give you energy during the session.


Remember! Reach at time:

It is recommended to reach at yoga center almost 30 minutes before the session starts. Never get late for session and keep yourself calm. Sit on the mat to acclimate heat. Discus with your instructor id you have any problem or injury so that he may guide you with easy poses.

Bikram Yoga


Dress up:

Dress up in such a way that you can bear heat. Choose light cloth this is easy to breathe in.


Do not go hard with poses:

Though some poses are hard to do and cause some level of discomfort. But there is a clear difference between pain and discomfort. So if you feel some sort of pain while doing any pose tell your teacher or instructor, If some poses are difficult for you to do, do not get aggressive or hard with them just stay lighter with your pose. Do not try to be expert overnight. If you encounter some difficulty the first time you do a pose that is not big issues, keep on trying it with a lighter way and you will learn in two days or more.


Do not use towel:

Do not wipe with towel when sweat droplets trickle down you body and face. It is the part of Bikram yoga weight loss. If you do it you will not get the most your of it. Main aim of hot yoga is to sweat. Sweat maintains temperature of your body. If you wipe your sweat you will probably disturb the natural homeostasis process that maintains the balance conditions in the body.


Stay open minded:

Your good attitude is necessary to get most out of anything you do. So stay open minded. Enjoy learning yoga and stay happy with its weight loss.

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