Best Weight Loss foods

By | June 23, 2015

Loosing weight is controversial topic in modern age, and it is major problem. As science and technology has changed the way we work in such a way that it has totally transformed our life style. Many experts are giving their opinions about weight loss. There are many known and authentic cures of weight loss. It includes homeopathic, herbal treatment, medication, natural remedies, home remedies and Best Weight Loss foods that cut down your fat. In our last article we established some facts regarding Fasting for Weight Loss. Moving on to the next topic that is Best weight loss foods we will see what are they and why and how they help in weight loss.

Best Weight Loss foods that cut down your fat

Food that cut down your fat is the one which is quite rich in content of fiber whereas it has least amount of sugars, carbohydrates and fats. In this way it provides you less calories yet they are enough to meet the energy demand or need of your body.

Weight Loss foods

Many vegetables and fruits are considered effective in weight loss especially green fruits like pears and green ended bananas and green and leafy vegetables like spinach. Fat free food is best among weight loss foods because 1 gram of fat provide you with 9 calories while proteins and carbohydrates both provide 4 calories for each gram. Therefore if fat free foods are consumed that cut down your fat you will definitely loose fat. You can compensate for nutrients in the form of protein rich foods that provide you with beneficial nutrients and vitamins but less calories.

Listed below are Best weight loss foods

  • Tomatoes
  • Oranges
  • Oats
  • Spices
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Apples
  • Nuts
  • Beans
  • Boiled eggs
  • Grapes
  • Bananas
  • Pears
  • Spinach
  • Green tea


Best Weight Loss foods


Tomato is a kind of fruit. But it is used as vegetable. If eaten either way helps in weight loss. Minerals and vitamins present in tomatoes helps in stimulation of hormones that help in weight loss. Tomato juice or ketchup is equally effective in weight loss.


Nuts are filled with nutrients such as Vitamin E, Folic acid, protein, fiber and anti oxidants. Though they contain fat put these are unsaturated fats and they have nothing to do with weight gain. What make your body gain weight are saturated fats. if you eat nuts and want to loose weight then nothing to worry about regarding these fats. Unsaturated fats are healthy fats. That is why nuts help in weight loss.

Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet potatoes contain essential nutrients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Potassium, Iron, Magnesium and fiber. Fibers are very important for loosing weight because they keep your stomach full and does not let your hunger pangs to signal for demand of more food.


Bananas have many nutritional benefits. They are free from fats and rich in vitamin b12, biotin, vitamin C and fiber. They help in weight loss by providing your body with complete nutrients yet fewer calories.


Pears are very healthy to eat in terms of their nutrients. They contain much less fats but contain other good for health nutrients and vitamins such as Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Phosphorous, zinc and potassium which keep you healthy. They contain fibers as well.

Boiled eggs:

Boiled eggs contain saturated fats that are healthy for life and rich in protein. They help in weight loss.


Spices have nutrients, vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants that cut down your fat. If you are dieting to loose weight you do not really have to eat spice less and tasteless food with the fear that it will not help you in loosing weight. Spices like garlic, ginger, turmeric; Cinnamon, red chilies, black pepper, saffron, bay leaf and onion are very healthy to add in your food. They increase your heart capacity to pump blood, improve metabolism and burn significant amount of fat. They have been used in cooking ever since man started cooking. They have many other health benefits like Turmeric is used to heal wounds.


Green grapes contain minerals and vitamins that help in weight loss as well as proved to be healthy for you.


Oats contains vitamin E , Vitamin K and Vitamin B. They keep you healthy and fit yet provide you less calories to keep your weight in normal range. They help in weight loss.


Leafy green vegetable spinach is fat free. Moreover it contains minerals and vitamins like manganese, vitamin C and fibers which will keep you healthy. In this way it is considered the healthy and best weight loss food.

Green tea

Green tea contains such components that helps in loss of weight and that cut down your fat. One of the most important components of green tea is caffeine. One cup of green tea has almost 20 to 25 mg of caffeine that cut down fat. It is anti oxidant, this characteristic enables it do fat metabolism. In this way weight can be lost with green tea.


Oranges are rich in fibers, Vitamins and minerals. That is why it is the one of best weight loss foods that cut down your fats.


Apples are good source of vitamin A and many other vitamins and they help in weight loss.


Beans are considered very healthy food for weight. They help in weight loss. Increase the capacity of hemoglobin to carry oxygen.

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