Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss, Want to Know?

By | June 23, 2015

When it comes to the matter of losing weight, we are ready to try every possible technique; we are ready to follow every convenient plan.
Healthy food and exercise are the two terms of the famous losing weight equation, they are essential for any successful diet. Sometimes there is no harm of having a littlehelp; we could use something that supportsyouthrough your losing weight trip.
Protein powder for weight loss certainly is that aid, it helps you digest faster and absorb all nutrients introduced to your body, it also builds muscles and strengthens your body.

But what is protein powder?

Natural protein may be presented in the form of bars, powders or any other supplement. Protein powder is the most common and convenient form, this powder is soluble in milk so it can be helpful with intense workouts or even walking.
Protein powderfor weight loss is manufactured from natural sources, such as milk, soy, eggs or even vegetables. It contains amino acid which is known to be essential for weight loss and muscle building.
Protein powder for weight loss could be introduced to soluble drinks like smoothies or juices, or could be added to any other type of food.

Best Protein Powder for Weight Loss


The most common protein powders:

Whey Protein powder

  1. Whey Protein powder for weight loss:
    It’s the best Protein powder for weight loss in any market, it’s an essential component in the diet of any athlete and even regular gym goers. However, it can help repairing muscles, strengthen your body, boosts energy, improves your digestion system and nutrients absorption. So if you’re looking for body reshaping and building muscles or for weight loss you can try this wonderful whey powder.


Casein Protein


  1. Casein Protein powder for weight loss:
    Casein as a Protein powder for weight loss is not as common as whey, but it’s also available. It’s the primary protein found in milk. it digests in a slower rate than that of whey; due to complex interaction with stomach acids, so it’s preferable in cases when slow digestion is needed.



pea protein


  1. Pea Protein powder for weight loss:
    It’s a 100 percent plant-basedProtein powderfor weight loss, made from yellow peas not from diary; so it’s totally fat and cholesterol free. It’s so convenient for those who are losing weight and building muscles at the same time.




Soy protien powder

  1. Soy Protein powder for weight loss:
    Soy protein is another form of plant based protein powder, so it’s suitable for vegans as it still contain the famous amino acid. Some researches proved that soy protein can reduce cancer, so it’s very preferable.





Hemp Protein powder

  1. Hemp Protein powder for weight loss:
    It’s made of hemp seeds, contains omega three and omega six acids which make hemp protein a super food. It’s a plant based that makes it digestible, helps strengthen your body and gives you the shape you want. So why not try it?




Brown Rice Protein

  1. Brown Rice Protein powder for weight loss:
    It’s a 100 percent plant based Protein powderfor weight loss, fat and cholesterol free. Rice protein is also gluten-free, making it a safe choice for those with gluten allergies. It’s also cheap and available; you should try it as a variety.




When to drink those protein’ shakes?!

  1. Before workouts:
    Protein shakes are most beneficial if drunk before workouts by half an hour, it will give you great results but never alone, you should practice well and eat healthy food.


  1. After workouts:
    After workouts you need something to boost energy and keeps you hydrated and refreshed, Protein shakes or protein smoothies and juice will give you great results.


  1. Before sleeping:
    Protein shakes could comfort you and help you sleep, so you can drink it before going to sleep. It’s most preferable if drunk before sleep by hours to prevent fat accumulation.


Tips for drinking best protein powder for weight loss:

  • Always choose fat free, sodium free, carbs free and sugar free powders.
  • Start out with whey protein.
  • Try to use different flavors as a variety.
  • Mix with milk, smoothies or juice.
  • Add strawberries or banana.


Last but not least, Protein powders can do great help for building your body and weight loss, but it won’t do all the great work for you, you still need to exercise and stick to healthy food. It’s all about commitment, stick to those tips and you are on the road.

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