Best Cardio for Weight Loss

By | May 1, 2015

So you decided to take things in your hands and formulated a detailed exercise and fitness plan. You did your research well and heard about the miracles of cardio. You believe you are on a fast track to a slim and toned body that will draw envious stares from all those in your vicinity. You can’t wait to show off your brilliant bod… yet you find that the results that you were expecting are not coming fast enough.

Best Cardio for Weight Loss

Best Cardio for Weight Loss

One might wonder what to do in such a scenario since you are doing everything by the book and have not gone wrong in any way. The recent research has unearthed some startling evidence which is the answer to those cardio queries that have baffled you for long. The truth is that some cardio methods do work better than the rest.

Though this revelation may come as a shock to some of you people, the fact remains that many of us had suspected it all along and this new research is just a confirmation of our suspicions. So I think it is time to tweak that fitness plan of yours and update it to make it even better and effective.

The first cardio technique that most fitness experts swear by is the age old Walking. Shocked? Amazed? Confused? Skeptical? Well you just need to try it and we assure you that you are not going to believe the results. It makes you lean and fit.

Do you consider walking to be the old school cardio and want to jazz thing up? You may adopt Uphill Sprinting. The trick is to keep up the routine till you can’t take it anymore and then train even further. Those are the minutes that would really count.

Do you think you have had enough of walking and running? Hop onto a bicycle and paddle all those extra pounds away. On the plus side, you can have your dose of nature as you try to burn those calories. A truly spiritual experience if you may.

Has the excuse of too much heat been keeping you off your bike? Jump into a pool. Swimming is one of the most effective cardio exercises when it comes to full body fitness training. It is indeed one of the Best Cardio Methods to lose weight in order to achieve a well-toned body.

If you want to train inside, then the best cardio exercise to go for is Rope Skipping. Relive the memories of your childhood as you skip away your worries and get a fab bod on the go. Rope skipping is so effective that it is a part of nearly every trainer’s fitness routine. Even Rocky and Maggie Fitzgerald couldn’t do without it eh? Need any more evidence to convince you that it is one of the best cardio methods to lose weight?

Want to play more? Take up lawn tennis. From side swings to running, it is a full cardio package. This power packed game can beat you in shape and is definitely rated among the best cardio methods to lose weight.

Do you want to have those tones Michelle Obama arms that the world is totally obsessed with? The best cardio method to achieve the look is to go rowing. As you push and pull you get to feel the muscles inside your arms stretching. You are on your way to a toned body.

Love it or hate it, Cardio is the way to achieve an ideal body that you have strived for all your life. So while you are at it, why not employ the best cardio methods to get faster results? Happy Exercising!!!

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