Best cardio for weight loss for men

By | June 27, 2015

Cardio, aka aerobics are fundamental workouts in any successful weight loss plan, especially for men. Cardio for weight loss for men is the corner stone of any fast and brief weigh loss plan. Men, in the contrary of women tends to lose weight by nature, they tend to have more muscles which burns more and more calories, that’s why men usually eat more than women, because their body always needs more calories to compensate the loss. However, for the long term men’s bodies stores extra fats just as women’s body. Cardio for weight loss could work best for men than for women, they are a good way to lose fats fast, strengthen the body and build muscles. So if you’re looking for a fast and effective way to lose weight, you surely can try these wonderful and so effective  best cardio for weight loss for men.

Best cardio


Cardio for weight loss:


  1. Warm up:
    The first step in any cardio for weight loss is warming up, you surely want to rate up your heart beats progressively. Try simple moves like stretches, knees circles and ankle circles, they all helps.


  1. Sprints:
    The second step in any effective cardio for weight loss is sprinting, whether if you do sprints on a treadmill or even a bike you need to speed up your sprints step by step till you reach the maximum speed then stay there for thirty seconds, then gradually slow it down till you reach a moderate speed and stay there for ninety seconds, then of course repeat.


  1. Straighten up:
    Well, straighten up is considered as an important tip for cardio for weight loss. At any stage of the cardio, you always need to straighten up, unfortunately some people tends to bend while sprinting which makes their body goes along with gravity and makes cardio easier which isn’t preferable, you need to stay straight so your body could resist gravity and keeps the intensity on the muscles the entire time.


  1. Never rush recovery:
    Recovery is important in any working cardio for weight loss plan, even if you feel like you can go for more minutes, don’t. You need to keep the resting and working times off each other for better results.


  1. Focus on intensity:
    The overall intensity of the completed intervalsare more important than how many you do in any given workout.




  • High intensity interval training:
    High intensity interval training sessions are about twenty minutes long. you do regular exercises with regular repetitions, and you perform them with greater intensity each time.


  • Kettle bell exercise:
    Kettle bell exercises are targeting the whole body; it makes your body works hard and burns more and more fats. Try to do more of these exercises, for better results try doing them from thirty to forty five minutes a day.


  • Circuit training:
    Simply circuit trainings involve a group of exercises followed by each other, first you start with simple aerobics followed by resistance training which work on your fitness and strengthen your body.


  • Plyometric:
    Plyometric contractions involves a process where the full body muscles undergo a period of fast lengthening movement, then a brief transition time where there is no change in muscle length, followed by shortening movement that enables muscles to produce maximum force without increasing maximum strength.


  • Stair training:
    You don’t always need complex tools to do cardio, stair training could do just fine. Stair exercises will help you increase your cardiovascular stamina; it also works on your lower body. You could find it a little exhausting at the beginning, but with continuous training you will excel in such training.


  • Swimming:
    ordinary swimming can do a great work, freestyle swimming can burn up to three hundred and fifty calories per thirty minutes.


outdoor regular cycling is a perfect cardio, it enhances your overall fitness and burns a lot of calories. The amount of calories burnt depends on your speed, but even if you are cycling at low speed you will burn from two hundred to three hundred and seventy calories.

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