Be A Healthy Vegetarian

By | April 24, 2015

Most commonly we find the experts suggesting the uncommon materials for the most generalized problems people across all the age groups face. But it is very rare for someone talking about the secret processes of extracting the 100% return from the most commonly daily consumed foods and vegetables. Some questions relating to those problems may be hair fall, hair growth, dandruff, skin tanning, or a type of problems that are very common to almost every individual such as acidity, constipation, overweight, underweight, poor vision, etc. On the other hand, there could be a list of critical diseases like high or low BP, diabetes, infertility or even cancer people suffer from across the globe, though the diseases are very common, but since the sufferers get completely dependent on the medicines, hence as soon as they give up consuming medicines, the problems start peeping or some other new problems arise, which in a generalized word we call ‘side-effect’.

Be A Healthy Vegetarian

Be A Healthy Vegetarian

We are actually not concern about our daily food that we take every day. This article is intended to make you more ‘conscious’ about your food, mainly the processes of making food that benefit you to be more healthy, reduce the rapidity of ageing and keep you far away from all sorts of critical diseases. Here we will discuss the procedure of converting our daily foodstuffs into remedies to shun varied illnesses and syndromes.

A few points we should remember before cooking food:

  1. The superiority or best-effect of kitchen vegetables or vegetable curries reduces if we peel the vegetables because according to the research, the skins of fruits and vegetables mainly consist of vitamin, calcium, protein or other necessary elements that our body requires.
  2. Wash the raw materials properly before cutting into pieces. Nnever wash the pieces once again.
  3. Reduce the time gap between making your desired recipe and cutting the raw materials. You should avoid the excess contact of open air, hence start cooking as early as possible.
  4. Make habit of eating salad during lunch and dinner and ensure that you prepare your salad just before your mealtime.


  1. Burn the Unripe brinjal every morning and mix with two spoon of jaggery. Have it for continuously 4-5 weeks if you are suffering from intense malaria. It also cures those patients whose entire physical parts have turned yellowish due to the malfunctioning of liver.
  2. Person suffering from mild insomnia can be benefitted from brinjal. Burn the brinjal in the oven and mix honey with it. Munch it every night for a week or two. It will surely benefit.
  3. If a person is having any type of blockage in his urinary track, he can easily get rid of it without any surgery or high power drugs. He simply needs to eat brinjal for continuously 3-5 months, and it is experimentally verified that brinjal amazingly softens stone in the kidney and passes through the urine.
  4. Small egg-sized brinjal (long-term use like 4-5 months) also plays an important role in reducing the severe suffering from piles.
  5. Juice extracted from brinjal can even reduce the effect of moonflower (datura) in the body.


  1. Make raddish compulsory in the salad. Raddish promotes digestion system and reduces ageing.
  2. The leaves of raddish are very effective. Make out a vegetable dish with these leaves and take for continuously 10-15 days if you are suffering from constipation or burning urine sensation.
  3. Person suffering from piles can be highly benefited if he intakes juice extracted from the leaves of raddish for continuously 1 month. Ensure that you are not throwing away the leaves of raddish anyhow. Experts say that the leaves of raddish are more beneficial than raddish itself.
  4. Simple soup of raddish can cure a person suffering from convulsion. Drinking a cup of this soup for 2-3 weeks regularly 5-6 times a day can treat the convulsion.
  5. Juice of raddish mixed with lemon can be taken after lunch or dinner. It will improve digestion, cure constipation and give relief from any type of stomach pain.

Bitter Gourd

  1. Leaf of bitter gourd has got a special place in the science of Ayurveda. Regular intake of this leaf will improve urinary system, relief from fever and even destroy the worms in the intestines.
  2. Leaves of bitter gourd act as laxative. Even a person suffering from bilious fever, hyperacidity and unnatural bile malfunction will undoubtedly be benefited by bitter gourd leaves. The process is just to extract the juice and mix a pinch of salt before taking it.
  3. A person suffering from malaria can drink the extracted juice of bitter gourd leaves (mixed with salt and black pepper for improve taste), and even can massage over the entire body for better result. It even improves skin.
  4. Many people suffer from critical nausea. Whenever they take heavy food, they start vomiting unnaturally. Bitter gourd leaves will act as the best permanent medicine for this disease. Simply he has to accumulate some flowers and leaves of bitter gourd, fry with ghee and mix it with some salt for a good taste. He has to take it for 3-4 days.
  5. Take 3-4 seeds of bitter gourd and crush it to powder. Mix a small amount of black pepper and a cup of water with this powder. This is the best medicine for the children suffering from nausea. He will surely be improved after having it for 4-5 days.
  6. Take 10 teaspoon of juice of bitter gourd leaves and mix a very small amount of asafetida. This is one of the best and fast resulting medicines for clearing the urinary passage. Even if the urination is stopped for unknown reason, this medicine can be applied for clearing it.
  7. Bitter gourd is one of the best medicines for diabetes. Crush the small green bitter gourd into powder and dry it. Have two teaspoon of this powder for continuously 4 months. You will find amazing result; however, you are maintaining a food chart that restricts the excessive entry of sugar in your blood.
  8. One teaspoon sap mixed with little sugar for 7-10 days will surely restrict the painful oozing of blood and acute piles.

Unripe or immature papaya

  1. Unripe papaya is a unique medicine for curing almost all types of diseases. Make a habit of having 2-3 pieces of unripe papaya (you can boil it also) during both lunch and dinner. It will prevent all types of stomach problems, indigestion, acidity, constipation and even it cures intestinal or digestive tract ulcers.
  2. The white milky gum released from unripe papaya is a perfect remedy for any type of skin diseases. Mix 2-3 drops of this gum with a cup of water and have it for 15 days. Even it destroys intestinal worms.
  3. The white milky gum mixed with sugar dissolved in water for continuously 4-5 weeks reduce the enlargement of liver.
  4. Breast feeding mothers lacking adequate quantity of milk for their newborns can daily consume vegetable mixed with unripe papaya. But remember, pregnant women should never take unripe papaya as it aborts the embryo.
  5. The papaya leaves is beneficial for them who are suffering from heart troubles.

Pointed gourd

  1. Green vegetables mixed with pointed gourd for continuous 2-3 months will surely increase the digestion capability. Whereas, boiled pointed gourd helps recover from fever, cough & cold and even removes impurities from blood.
  2. Juice extracted from pointed gourd wonderfully prevents hair fall if it is massaged on the scalp regularly for 6-8 weeks. Even it promotes hair growth.

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