Autumn Depression: Symptoms and Causes

By | April 18, 2015

With the arrival of autumn, people often experience irritation and fatigue. In this autumn the depression, signs of which are different from other emotional disorders. The genesis of depression associated with autumn hibernation in animals. Many organisms in autumn and winter slow their livelihoods. Man, too, completing the farm work, reduces the activity. However people, unlike animals, are not adapted to sleep in the cold, spending frugally accumulated reserves of nutrients.

Autumn Depression - Symptoms and Causes

Autumn Depression – Symptoms and Causes

How to recognize depression autumn.

Overcoming the need to sleep during the autumn and winter, people have not been able to get rid of depression. Psychologists recognize the autumn depression mental illness.

Symptoms of the disease include:

  • High fatigue,
  • Apathy,
  • Weakened attention.

Autumn weather changes often the rain, sunny days disappear. People constantly feel tired and sleepy, rest does not burst of energy. Apathy is expressed indifference to the life around them. Leave the house do not want that again reminds us of hibernation, which gradually sinks around the world. Attention is weakened to such a degree that many people ignore events and processes.

There are people who have symptoms of depression autumn pronounced. Sometimes depression occurs in a latent form, disguised as an ordinary low mood. Hidden depression, signs of which are not clear, more dangerous than usual. It is associated with a heightened sense of loneliness, especially in those moments when a person stays at home alone. Attentive close look and notice the lack tired face suffering from depression. Usually it is the first to offer assistance to relatives and go to the doctor.

Autumn Depression Causes

Autumn Depression Causes

Autumn Depression Causes

Psychologists have found three main reasons for the fall of depression. Mainly to blame for changing weather. Not all people are able to enjoy the rain and find a special beauty in the yellowing leaves. Upcoming cold, freezing drizzle and morning mists for many is a strong irritant. And people begin to experience not only anger, but fear, fear. The combination of negative emotions creates a depressive breakdown.

The second factor autumn depression – “a sharp decline in the number of sunny warm days.” The fact that serotonin – a hormone happiness and euphoria – is synthesized only in the sunlight. If the sun is not present, is converted into serotonin, melatonin. Excess melatonin may increase drowsiness. That is, forms one of the symptoms of depression autumn – fatigue, desire to sleep and lethargy.

The third reason is the lack of depressive disorders in the body of vitamins and minerals. Obviously, therefore autumn matures so many fruits and vegetables. Nature itself knows about the peculiarities of the human body and wants to help him. Autumn people should take advantage of the abundant harvest and eat more healthy foods. It is at the same time create reserves for the long winter.

As you can see, you can overcome the autumn depression. It is only necessary to know the basic rules of behavior in case of depressive feelings.

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