Angina: Symptoms and Treatment

By | April 16, 2015

Such disease as angina often many call “Angina Pectoris.” For this disease is characterized by severe pain and discomfort in the chest, which is quite easy to explain, since broken blood circulation in certain areas of the heart. Today this is considered the main symptom of angina pectoris of coronary heart disease, which is often accompanied by a blockage. In patients with angina is quite different sensations, but there are common symptoms of this disease. In particular, the strong pressure in the chest, which gives to other parts of the body. Often, attacks with this illness are no longer than five minutes and pass immediately after taking medicines.

Angina - Symptoms and Treatment

Angina – Symptoms and Treatment

Today expert’s familiar with the two forms of the disease. As for stable angina, then this disease is characterized by numerous attacks that continue for years. Typically, this disease occurs due to strenuous exercise, and disappears immediately if they are to avoid. If we talk about unstable angina, her attacks are not regular, but despite this, it is no less dangerous, as the attacks several times stronger than conventional angina and may even lead to death. It is worth noting that both stable and unstable angina to be characterized by some features that often give a precise diagnosis:

  • Accompanied by bouts of pain, that is there at a certain time and tend to end;
  • Unpleasant symptoms occur often in the same circumstances, for example, after heavy physical exertion;
  • Pain stopped after taking special drugs such as nitroglycerin.

Angina provoked strong physical exertion, excitement and great walking. It is important to know that the more exercise or stress, the more noticeable will manifest itself angina. In general, these factors, together with the history of the disease, allow professionals quickly enough to put the right diagnosis, which, undoubtedly, will help you choose the right treatment.

The Main Symptoms of Angina

Slightly above the already listed symptoms of angina. In many cases, this is skilled enough. It is only necessary to say that coronary heart disease with angina pectoris also starting to show. As a result, the patient experience the following symptoms:

  • High blood pressure;
  • Pale skin color;
  • Unstable heart rhythm;
  • Fear and constant emotional problems;

However, even the absence of these symptoms does not mean that a disease like angina you do not. Therefore, in any case, you need to turn to experienced professionals who can properly diagnose and take the right decision when he saw the clinical picture of the disease.

Another point that requires attention. Recently, people who suffer from diseases of the heart, much more likely to suffer illness such as angina at rest. In the case of conventional angina more or less clear, since only unpleasant sensations occur after intense physical stress, then the above form of the disease attacks can overtake the person regardless of the situation, and they appear, usually at night. In this case, the symptoms remain the same, that is, there is a lack of air and severe pain in the chest.

Also worth mentioning a little about the attacks of the disease. If angina treated properly, it will certainly lead to a heart attack. From this it follows that if the discomfort does not stop for more than five minutes, the person suffers angina is an urgent need to pass inspection. It must be done as quickly as possible, so as unstable angina is capable enough to grow rapidly as a result of this can even be fatal. To be kept under the control of physicians, need to go to one of the hospital specialist clinics.

Treatment of Angina Pectoris

Treatment of the disease depends primarily on the correct actions of the patient. As stable and unstable angina accompanied by severe pain in the chest, so first of all, the patient should take a comfortable position. Best embodiment to be seated. Then you need to take a nitroglycerin tablet. If a person knows his diagnosis, he has to be ready. What symptoms recur at any time, therefore it is necessary in this case to take the drug again.

A good alternative to nitroglycerin may serve Corvalol. During the attacks in patients with angina often high blood pressure, but would like to draw attention to this point should not be, because after the pain will stop, the pressure returns to normal. We cannot ignore the fact that today it is impossible to completely cure angina, even in the best clinics, it means that people suffering from this disease should always be supervised by professionals and take the necessary measures so that the disease does not suffer serious consequences.

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