Amnesia: The Symptoms and Treatment

By | April 16, 2015

Such disease as amnesia due primarily to the fact that people may be partially or completely lost his memory. This disease can be both temporary and permanent effect. It is likely that over time the memory comes back as a result of any memories or simply in chronological order.

Amnesia - The Symptoms and Treatment

Amnesia – The Symptoms and Treatment

Causes and Symptoms of Amnesia

Amnesia can be caused by both psychological and organic factors. Organic experts attribute the reasons that, one way or another, connected with various injuries, diseases of the nervous system, in addition, it might be the consequences of alcoholism or drug addiction, as well as psychotropic substances.

Psychological causes are often psychogenic and usually born by various stresses. In general, amnesia can cause head injuries, poisoning, toxic fumes, ischemia or stroke.

If symptoms of amnesia are felt gradually, it may be indicative of pathological disorders of the brain and are a manifestation of mental illness. Anyone can momentarily lose memory, it may be due to poor circulation, or severe headache. When amnesia patient may experience symptoms as independent, as well as those that are common to other diseases. The main factor that indicates the amnesia is memory loss, which may be supplemented by a poor orientation in space and time, as well as the complete lack of ability to recognize even familiar people.

Causes and Symptoms of Amnesia

Causes and Symptoms of Amnesia

Amnesia can chase a man to several years. If the disease was delayed, the person may lose memory, but if in time to see a specialist, you can easily get rid of this disease. Very often, amnesia causes excessive attachment to alcohol. In this case, an effect called Wernicke’s syndrome, which is accompanied by a complete loss of consciousness and disturbances in the brain. In addition, a severe form of amnesia, patients sleepiness, problems with hearing function, coordination, and sometimes even paralysis.

Nowadays, many experts distinguish the following types of amnesia:


  • Anterograde, which does not allow a person to remember events and people.
  • Retrograde – erases all memory of man, until the onset of the disease.
  • Traumatic – a form of amnesia makes itself felt after various injuries and bruises.
  • With this type of amnesia memory is lost for a couple of minutes.
  • Occurs after trauma and disorders.
  • Korsakoff’s syndrome. Quite severe form of amnesia in which there is complete loss of memory due to problems with alcohol.
  • Localized, which affects the operation of only certain parts of the brain. In this form the person is unable to remember the words, recognize objects and move.
  • The patient loses his memory only on certain events, most likely this is due to stressful experiences.
  • Has a pretty severe consequences, up to a total loss of memory.
  • Occurs in children who have experienced severe stress or those who, for whatever reason, are lagging behind in development.
  • Treatment of amnesia

The first couple, if the disease does not progress patients can heal psychological methods in tandem with various medications. These preparations should, first of all, establish the work of the brain. If amnesia occurred in humans due to various injuries, then, first of all, it is necessary to save the patient from the effects of this disease. If amnesia is related to alcohol, it is necessary to take a course of thiamine, which should help to organize the work of the brain. All arrangements for the treatment of amnesia should be taken as quickly as advanced forms of the disease will inevitably lead to death. If a person is revealed amnesia psychological type, then it certainly will help hypnosis and medication drugs that have antipsychotic properties.

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