Alcohol = Depression

By | April 16, 2015

Symptoms of Alcohol Depression

They say alcohol is a drug that kills the person. Alcohol destroys not only physical health, but also changes the mind, destroys a person. Anyone who knows not hearsay, what drinking can talk about severe mental states after them?

Alcohol = Depression

Alcohol = Depression

The causes of depression are different. They can be triggered by the accumulated problems, poor health because of the constant intoxication, impaired metabolism, and various diseases of the body.

For depression that occurs on a background of regular alcohol consumption is characterized by symptoms such as:

  • Bad mood;
  • Reduction of mental activity;
  • Lack of willingness to work;
  • Feeling guilty;
  • Anxiety;

In chronic alcoholism symptoms of depression exacerbated by:

  • Appear suicidal thoughts, anxiety, panic attacks;
  • Dull instinct of self-preservation.

All of these disorders lead man to the fact that it ceases to see the meaning of life, refuses to work, family, yourself. Severe mental state of a person leads him to a single, in his view, the possibility to release tension by using another “dose”. As a result, he gets into a vicious circle from which it sees no way out.

Man needs help as to cope with depression, which is caused by addiction is difficult and sometimes impossible.

How to Help

Depression caused by alcohol varies in severity. If the depression occurred against the backdrop of the binge, it usually takes about a week after coming out of it. In this case, the person can handle himself or with the support of loved ones. If there are loving, caring people, it is much easier to overcome depression. Drug treatment is usually not required.

In the case of regular intake of alcohol, depression can lead to other types of severe depression: reactive depression, manic depressive syndrome and others requiring special treatment. In this case, drug treatment and specialist care.

          Typically, the following treatments:

  • Drug treatment is carried out by taking antidepressants, tranquilizers and sleeping pills. What will these drugs should only define physician individually for each case.
  • Psychological assistance is aimed at consolidating the results of medical treatment. Sessions are held group and individual therapy. Teach a man to form a new attitude to life. Enjoy it without alcohol. Held social adaptation. In more severe cases may hypnotic effect, in order to develop an aversion to alcohol.
  • Additional treatment in the form of physiotherapy, acupuncture, manual therapy. This treatment is intended to improve the physical condition of the body: boost immunity, overcome depression, fatigue, improve health.

Of course, as the most important factor in treatment is the desire of the individual to live a happy and healthy life.

Good mood, the desire to implement, care and love to close – the shortest way to say goodbye to any depression forever.

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