Acupuncture for weight loss

By | June 25, 2015

Acupuncture is a procedure where by bringing fine needles in to use, patients for various diseases are treated. It is a kind of complementary medication. A complementary medicine is the one in which a patient is given series of therapies. These therapies are carried out by inserting fine needles in specific energy flow points in human body. Disturbance in energy flow in these energy flow points results in various diseases. Ear acupuncture is best among Acupuncture for weight loss. Its biggest advantage is that it not only reduces your weight but also maintains and controls your weight and not let increase your weight again. It maintains it to normal level. Most of the people are using it to combat addiction, loose weight, treating insomnia, relief headache, leave smoking and to relief pain.

ear Acupuncture for weight loss

Ear acupuncture for weight loss:

Ear acupuncture for weight loss is also known as auricular acupuncture. It is a great way to help people who want to loose weight. If you want to Sheds off excess of pounds of your body weight, ear acupuncture is the best possible way.

Outer part of ear contains nearly 200 energy flow points. These points carry impulses through brain to the part of body which is being treated. To carry out the therapy of ear acupuncture needles are inserted into 5 to 10 pints on the ear based on their relation to the area being treated. Acupuncture stimulates the disturbed flow of energy in acupunctures points

How acupuncture helps in weight loss?

It helps in weight loss in following ways


  • Improving metabolism
  • Decreasing stress level
  • Makes your glands work properly
  • Decreasing appetite

Decreasing appetite

Decreasing appetite:

Magnets attach to the ear when presses help to reduce appetite. Two types of hormones related to hunger are produce within human body. One hormone named as Ghrelin induces and increase appetite and another hormone named as leptin inhibits the appetite inducing hormone. In this way when magnet attached to ear is presses it activates leptin hormone which suppresses the activity of ghrelin in this way it makes you feel fuller and does not demand from you food or calories.


Decreasing stress level

Decreasing stress level:

It decreases stress level because when fine needles are inserted to specific energy flow points they trigger and carry nerve impulse to brain which carry message to glands to release a hormone called as endorphin. Endorphin is a chemical messenger that brings down the stress level to its normal level. As we know that among many other causes of obesity or gaining weight, stress is the major cause. So if we somehow could mange to get rid of stress we can quickly loose weight.


Improving metabolism

Improving metabolism:

It improves metabolism of fats by releasing specific hormones such as endorphin improves the process of metabolism.



Makes your glands work properly:

It maintains and controls level of hormones in the body by triggering the glands by electrical impulses sent through needles inserted into acupuncture points.

Acupuncture points:

These are specific points on the body through which energy flows. There are many acupuncture pints on body, on outer ear they are as many as 200 acupuncture points.


How acupuncture is done?

Person who wants to get acupuncture done is said to lay down. With the help of a tool acupuncture points are identified. On theses points needles are inserted. That patient remains in the same condition of lying on bed with needles pricked into the body for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes these needles are hooked with a machine that carries electric impulses to the body. After that 2 small magnets of size of pin head are attached at to points at ear. These magnets are meant to press when you feel hungry, it allows you to control your hunger. The purpose of inserting needles is that they release group of hormones which are called endorphin.

Types of acupuncture for weight loss

  • Ear acupuncture for weight loss
  • Laser acupuncture for weight loss
  • Magnet acupuncture for weight loss
  • Balls acupuncture for weight loss
  • Cupping acupuncture for weight loss


Side effects of acupuncture:

There are some side effects or risks associated with acupuncture. These side effects are listed below

  • Viral infection
  • Accidental
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Pain

But extra care should be taken. If administered properly then there is nothing to worry about. Take proper directions from your doctor.

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