A Quick Bodyweight Workout You Can Do Anywhere

By | June 12, 2015

Bodyweight exercises include jumping jacks which functions by helping in getting fit and burning fats, one can also workout even better and effectively after jumping jacks. Push-ups are also part of bodyweight exercises that are quite simple to execute and can be done by making use of dumbbells and barbells. Push-ups are convenient, simple and can bring about a great improvement in strength. Moreover, they are safe for the shoulders among other weight bearing exercises. In the event of taking pushups, one has to keep their torso, neck, head and hips at a straight orientation. One has to keep their elbows close to their body and should avoid letting the elbows flare out. The process involves lowering oneself down and pushing back up in a controlled endeavor.


Squats are also convenient exercises that function by involving a lot of muscles and thereby function by burning a lot of calories. The exercise involves standing with one’s feet apart, say, shoulder width and keeping one’s heels planted and hence lowering their body as much as one can and even pushing their hips back and consequently bending their knees until the thighs are parrarel in relation to the floor. One is required to pause quickly and stand back once more and thereby repeating the entire process altogether.


Apparently, burpees is a consequent full body exercise that is quite involving and is convenient for torching calories and strength building respectively. The latter process involves getting at a squatting position, from which at the bottom of the squat one is required to reach their hands out  and consequently onto the floor that is directly in front of you. One can then kick their feet back into a consequent push up position. One may then return their feet into a squat position from which the process should be done quickly by allowing one to immediately jump up into  the air as high as they possibly can and hence squat back down progressively and repeat the process. Burpees are involving and a high intensity endeavor that depicts the importance of physical exercises as a whole. Moreover, jumping rope is a common exercise that requires a rope and jumping aspects from which a regular and repetitive mechanism. Physical exercises call for a regular approach that involves a schedule that serves to push the body to given points of exercise altogether.

Exercise is aimed at realizing physical fitness and overall wellness and health. These exercises are basically oriented at strengthening the muscles, developing the functionality of the cardiovascular system, encouraging the development of athletic skills. Exercises are associated with maintaining weight or losing weight or for mere enjoyment. Regular and frequent exercise that follows on a given schedule functions by boosting the immune system and works by helping in the prevention of diseases that are associated with affluence inclusive of cardiovascular disease and heart disease.

physical fitness

The latter also helps in altering diabetes, depression and obesity. Exercise helps in promoting self esteem, improving on mental health and has been used in developing the body image. Frequent and regular exercises are known to bring about developments in the cardiovascular system. Apparently, there is a strong relation between cardiovascular mortality and physical inactivity an aspect that encourages regular exercises in a bid to encourage good health and the functionality of most aspects within the body inclusive of the immune system which is dependant of exercises for the reduction of infections that are associated with the upper respiratory tract. Exercises bring about anti-inflammatory effects that involve the reduction of fibrinogen in the blood levels which reduces chances of heart disease.

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