5 Best Exercises for Breast Cancer Survivors

By | June 4, 2015

Research has shown that breast cancer survivors can reduce their breast cancer coming back and can improve their way of life through regular exercises which help them maintaining self-esteem and reduce the risk of anxiety and depression. Due to these exercises, the big risk of swelling at hand, trunk etc is reduced due to the reduction in the blood clots as daily exercise let your blood flow freely. But these exercises should be those which suits you better under a control level of exertion.

The following are the best 5 exercises which are most suited to most of the Breast Cancer Survivors staying within safe limit and according to their physical exertion:

1. Weight Lifting (Strength Training)

Women should do light weight lifting and it suits all women as it is better than not doing anything with your arm and your arm is in risk of getting lymphedema . Women should start with light weights and then move gradually towards high weights as progressively the arm muscles will get strong gradually and reduce the risk of getting after effects of breast cancer. Due to different body structures of women they should plan their weightlifting accordingly that their muscles don’t get far away from its comfort zone.

Weight Lifting

2. Shoulder Lift

After the surgery, the tissues in the scar are new and not stretched so their flexibility is low. Stretching the arms specially focusing on the armpit and the chest area helps in increasing the range of flexibility of the muscles reducing the risk for lymphedema.
In shoulder lift, get hold of some ball or towel etc. and lay down on the floor with your knees bend. Keep your arms straight having hold of the ball. Now gradually take the ball towards your head and at the same time keeping the arms straight. Gradually increase your limit of flexibility. Repeat this for about 5-7 times in a day.

Shoulder Lift

3. TricepsStretch

The stretching of the armpit region is very important. In Triceps stretch, the armpit region is stretched in which lymph nodes are removed. Take the hand of one arm to touch the back of the other arms shoulder. Now with the other hand push the arm in the backward direction causing stretch in the armpit. Gradually increase the force to increase flexibility.


4. Chest Wall Stretch

The chest area is very important as the side effects of breast cancer mostly originates from here again increasing the risk of getting the breast cancer back and losing your life. So stretching of the chest muscles is one of very good exercise for survivors. In this exercise, Stand in front of the corner of the wall with your feet about 10 inches away from the corner. After this ben your elbows and place your forearm on the wall on right and left side of the corner respectively. Now keeping the arms in place move the chest toward the corner, the bend elbows will be forced by the wall producing stretch in the chest and shoulder. Now do the same procedure again from start. Gradually increase the stretching such that the muscle don’t break but its flexibility increases gradually.

Chest Wall Stretch

5. Aerobic Exercises

These exercises are related with increasing the heart-pumping rate so that the blood flow rate is simulated. These exercises include running, walking, cycling etc. Start this exercise with first four to five minutes of walk and then start gaining some pace in walk by running slowly or ride a stationary bike for some time. This exercise is most effective when it is done within limit so that less exertion is on the heart and by gradually increasing the time of these exercises your stamina will increase helping in reducing the risk of fatigue or infections in legs.

Aerobic Exercises

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